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The Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3)

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The Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3) at CHOC is a unique and first-of-its-kind institute that creates, focuses and executes projects in the areas of intelligence and innovation in pediatric medicine. These two interrelated disciplines, extremely limited in development in the pediatric realm, hold great promise to change the trajectory of pediatric care around the world.

MI3 aims to foster robust developments in artificial intelligence methodologies, as well as innovative advances in emerging areas such as genomic medicine, regenerative medicine, robotics, nanotechnology and medical applications/devices. MI3 is dedicated to empowering data intelligence and medical innovation at CHOC, and driving innovation leadership in the international pediatrics community.

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Meet the MI3 Team

Monthly Innovation Meetings

The MI3 and Medical Intelligence Society (MIS) monthly meetings at CHOC provide a unique opportunity to learn about the latest advances in data intelligence and medical innovations, and provide a forum to network and exchange ideas with fellow innovators. These meetings include guest speakers, interactive discussions, and are open to everyone at CHOC and the outside community.

Please join us every second Monday of the month at 2-4:30pm PST.
**Due to COVID-19, meetings are currently being held virtually. We look forward to the day we can return to in-person meetings and welcome everyone back to the MI3 Headquarters.

Internship Program: Become a Young Innovator and Learn from the Best

The MI3 Summer Internship Program at CHOC offers invaluable experience for anyone interested in or merely exploring the health care field. With more than 50 expert mentors across multiple fields, students are immersed in areas that are relevant to the future practice of pediatric medicine, including genomic medicine and personalized medicine, regenerative medicine and stem cells, nanomedicine, robotics, artificial intelligence and more.

Thank You to the Sharon D. Lund Foundation

Innovation requires two key ingredients: bold ideas and courage. CHOC is fortunate to have both renowned thought leaders in pediatric medicine and courageous donors with a vision to truly transform children’s health. The Sharon D. Lund Foundation is one such forward-thinking donor. In keeping with the generous spirit of Walt Disney’s daughter Sharon, the Foundation supports projects that not only impact children in Orange County but globally. It was with a $5 million donation from the Foundation that CHOC founded the Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence Innovation Institute (MI3), bringing together key people from within the hospital and beyond to foster creativity.

The Sharon D. Lund Foundation presents $5 million donation.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Digital rendering of brain

CHOC’s pediatric neurologist Sharief Taraman, MD, is dissatisfied with the lack of therapeutic options for children who suffer from traumatic brain injury. Yet instead of waiting on the sidelines for a new treatment to come along, he is channeling this frustration into innovation, exploring novel ways to heal the injured brain.

Dr. Taraman is studying nanotechnology and how tiny nanoparticles, which are even smaller than microscopic cells, can prevent further tissue damage from occurring after brain injury and also protect nearby brain cells from additional injury. The ultimate goal is to improve functional recovery in these young patients.

From the Experts

Augmented Reality App Screen

New augmented reality app in radiology adds fun, eases anxiety for patients getting MRIs
Innovators at CHOC pilot augmented reality app that uses CHOC's mascot, Choco, to explain the MRI process to pediatric patients.

Three MI3 Alums

Former MI3 interns all start medical school together, credit their CHOC experience
Three of CHOC's MI3 internship alumni embark on a new, exciting journey together: attending the same medical school.

Kid with stethoscope and smiling

CHOC MI3 Innovation Day 2021 celebrates novel advances past and present
CHOC Innovation Day 2021 was held June 25 in honor of the late Nick Anas and highlighted innovations by CHOC providers and associates.

Dr Anthony Chang

Dr. Anthony Chang, a bold visionary for artificial intelligence in medicine, has put CHOC on the international stage
CHOC's chief intelligence and innovation officer, Dr. Chang, works to develop uses of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve healthcare.

Map and Directions

CHOC Centrum North Building

1120 W. La Veta Ave.
Suite 860
Orange, CA 92868

To contact MI3, email us at MI3@choc.org

Pediatrics 2040: Trends and Innovations for the Next 25 Years

What do you envision the field of pediatric medicine will look like in 2040? CHOC brings together innovation and intelligence leaders from across the globe for Pediatrics 2040, an exciting conference focused on game-changing and emerging technologies shaping the future of pediatrics—and how parents, clinicians and health care leaders can best be positioned for the next era of medicine.