Childhood can be uncharted territory

Our experts keep kids exploring.
Long Live Childhood

At CHOC, Long Live Childhood is our mantra. It is our rallying cry. We live it. We breathe it. We practice it. Every day. In every way. That’s why we’ve assembled a mighty brigade of pediatric experts, researchers, premier facilities and generous donors dedicated to giving kids the best chance of growing into healthy and happy adults.

A World-Class Destination for Children’s Health

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We know you are the ultimate protector of your children’s health. That’s why we partner with you to help you keep them healthy.

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By choosing world-class healthcare experts, your kids receive treatments & services in facilities designed especially for them.

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Mental health is just as important as physical health. We are leading the charge to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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We have more than 500 research studies in more than 30 specialties to provide your child with access to leading-edge treatments.

CHOC Health Topics

mom and daughter look at phone together

A CHOC expert offers advice to those checking in on friends in need. Sometimes, well-intention help might more harmful than helpful.

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Woman feeds baby with a bottle.

CHOC experts offer tips on how to find formula, what to feed babies during the formula shortage and what not to do when feeding babies.

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Male teen smiles at the camera in front of bookcase

A CHOC expert explains that labeling people with depression and anxiety as “high-functioning” is not clinical and may be harmful.

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