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As CHOC and other healthcare facilities adapt to the fluid environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and national, state and local recommendations and guidelines continue to change, we want you to know that we are open and have the following resources to help provide the safest care:

Featured Articles

Data and AI - CHOC joins FDA-led project for mental health expertise on AI's use in data extraction

CHOC is part of an FDA-lead study that will use AI to fill gaps in knowledge in studies of the uses and effects of medications.

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Dr. Shaul with a patient in the hospital

A former CHOC patient born with imperforate anus offers support to families as the Colorectal and Urogenital Program grows.

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Graphic depiction of Tcells

CHOC researchers seek to study the role of Tregs in whether pediatric leukemia patients treated with CAR T-cell therapy experience a relapse.

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Dr. John Schlecter, orthopedic surgeon at CHOC, and looking a a teenage male patient's knee

CHOC is pioneering surgical approaches to patellofemoral instability and patellar dislocation, as well as postsurgical pain mitigation.

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Graphic of baby's brain - NeoBrain Conference, hosted by CHOC

The world’s leading neonatologists who want to learn more about the newborn brain will gather at NeoBrain: An Interactive Educational Forum.

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Gray and white graphic depiction of innovation.

The recent PEDS2040 conference brought together medical staff and leaders to collaborate on innovation in pediatric healthcare.

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