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As CHOC and other healthcare facilities adapt to the fluid environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and national, state and local recommendations and guidelines continue to change, we want you to know that we are open and have the following resources to help provide the safest care:

Featured Articles

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CHOC’s study published in the Pediatrics journal finds that though COVID-19 infections in newborns are rare, they may cause severe disease.

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The Fragile X Clinic at CHOC will be devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, and study of the rare genetic condition of Fragile X syndrome.

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CHOC selected as West Coast site for gene therapy clinical trial for patients 8 years and older with Glycogen Storage Disease type 1a.

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CHOC’s pediatric colorectal program makes a significant impact on children with treatments and tools for correcting colorectal issues.

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New CHOC study integrating mental health into primary care seeks patients to receive cognitive therapy and/or medication.

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Baby in CHOC NICU with provider's hands

The NICU Bridge Clinic Program at CHOC offers follow-up care for high-risk infants, reducing the length of stays and hospital readmissions.

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