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As CHOC and other healthcare facilities adapt to the fluid environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and national, state and local recommendations and guidelines continue to change, we want you to know that we are open and have the following resources to help provide the safest care:

Featured Articles

In novel program, congenital heart disease patients are being monitored at CHOC for longtime success.

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newborn in hat sleeping on back

Growth in the field of targeted neonatal echocardiography is helping neonatologists diagnose and treat critical illnesses more quickly.

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Female doctor in white lab coat comforting patient in hospital bed

Pathways After Cancer Treatment (PACT), a new bridge clinic at CHOC, helps support the mental health of teen and young adult cancer patients.

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A study by a multidisciplinary team at CHOC found quantitative pupillometry likely can’t help diagnose acute concussions in children. 

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Digital screening tools on iPad

CHOC’s Emergency Department and mobile clinic tests digital screening tool to quickly identify social needs of patient families and provide resources.

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Blood vials - pediatric sepsis research study

CHOC participates in exciting study of sepsis, aimed to design personalized treatment and therapies to address patients’ immune profiles.

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