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Careers: Healthcare Jobs and Employment Opportunities

We understand the importance of enjoying a meaningful career. That’s why at CHOC, we connect every employee to our mission: to nurture, advance and protect the health and well-being of children. We’ve created a community that fosters collaboration, innovation and growth so everyone can make a difference in kids’ lives.



Meet our team

Erika, Lezlie and Meghen pose together with butterfly in CHOC's outdoor patio - three generations of CHOC nurses

Serving CHOC patients and families runs three generations deep for this family of expert, compassionate clinicians.

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As CHOC’s senior vice president and chief development officer, Jessica Miley leads the health system’s fundraising arm, the CHOC Foundation.

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Defender profile CHOC - Defender of childhood shield

Yuzen is on a mission to uplift patients, families and employees with emotional and spiritual support and advocate for their spiritual values.

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