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We know you are the ultimate protector of your children’s health. That’s why we partner with you to help you keep them healthy every step of the way. We provide general pediatric care for all kids—from babies to teens—through the CHOC Primary Care Network. Our network of pediatricians includes more than 20 offices throughout Orange County and beyond that offer well-checks, immunizations, sick visits, sports physicals and more, as well as pediatric urgent care services.

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Health Tips from Our Experts

Preteen washes face - skincare routine for preteens and teens

Should teens and preteens be using so many skincare products with fancy ingredients? A pediatric dermatologist answers parents’ questions.

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CHOC patient Isa poses with 11th birthday decorations

11-year-old Isa had to relearn everything after treatment for FIRES, a rare epilepsy disorder. With help from CHOC rehab, he’s thriving.

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Woman smiles while drinking coffee - self-care strategies for parents and caregivers

A CHOC mental health expert demonstrates five coping tips for parents and caregivers through video, and discusses the importance of self-care.

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Child and dog look out the window - how to help your child grieve the loss of their pet. Advice from CHOC

A CHOC mental health expert helps parents guide their kids and teens through the loss of a family pet, and offers tips for dealing with grief.

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Child in cape holds broccoli - superfoods for kids from a CHOC registered dietitian

A CHOC dietitians explains superfoods, and how adding them to your child’s diet can benefit their health and nutrition.

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Mono myths for kids and teens

A CHOC expert addresses common myths and facts about mononucleosis (mono) or “the kissing disease” in kids and teens.

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