RN Residency Program

How to Stand out as a Candidate for CHOC’s RN Residency and Fellowship Programs

CHOC offers residency and fellowship programs for nurses interested in pediatrics. Each program receives 500 applications.

interview tips

How to Ace the Interview Using These Four Tips

CHOC senior recruiter Isacc Leija offers four easy tips to help job candidates ace their next interviews.

interview tips

How to Deliver a Successful Interview Using STAR

CHOC senior recruiter Isacc Leija provides tips on how to use the STAR technique to deliver a successful interview.

CHOC NICU nurse cradles baby

Compassion, Skill and Advocacy: Caring for the Smallest of Patients

Caring for the smallest of patients in a hospital takes specialized training and a unique skillset. In this Q & A, a NICU nurse tells more.

career insight article on working with c-syute

Bringing Bedside Experience to the Hospital C-Suite

Physicians wishing to participate in strategic planning must learn to work with hospital executives. Open communications is key.

Waldo Romero and careers

Preserving Food Purposefully

Addressing childhood hunger, reducing waste and sustaining resources motivated CHOC to explore a partnership with a local food bank.

Kim Cripe

Three Questions to Ask When Evaluating Potential Partnerships

The right strategic alliance results in a team that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Conversely, a mismatch can be a disaster for both parties.

Taking Cues from a Children’s Hospital to Improve Customer Experience

The level of care and attention provided at CHOC Children's can transcend pediatric health care and would serve well any business – and their customers.

holmes tower

Leadership Choices Help Build Trust

We all know the value of brand trust. Loyalty, respect and trust come if we regularly meet – or exceed – our customers’ expectations.

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