How to Ace the Interview Using These Four Tips

Interview tips with Isacc Leija, senior recruiterBy Isacc Leija, senior recruiter

Creating the Bridge:

Interviewing is about creating a bridge of communication so you can get to the “other side.” In this case, you are trying to get on the side of landing that job.

But how do you do this in 30 minutes or an hour? How do you connect that bridge to the interviewer so they say, “Welcome aboard. You are hired!”?

Remember the word ESPEJO, which in Spanish means mirror. The mirror affect is a method used to show that you are in sync with that person. It is a method used to control breathing during the interview process. For example, if you are speaking really fast during an interview, compared to the interviewer, who is talking slow, there is a perception that there is not a match between the two of you since your breathing is out of sync.  Think of the process as a coordinated dance between partners; you want to always be in step with one another.

Stay on Point:

Recruiters will always ask interviewers why they passed on candidates.  And time after time, the responses are “They didn’t answer my question and went around it instead,” and “They talked about other things but did not give me a direct answer.” When interviewing, it’s extremely important to stay on point, because hiring managers are looking for the way a person thinks analytically. And they use questions to see if you can stay focused when they give you a task.

Tell the Story with STAR:

Giving specific examples is important when telling the story (your story). Remember, you want to use details to attract the interviewer into the journey of your personal experience. Use the STAR technique, which means Situation, Task, Action and Result, to provide well-articulated examples of your competencies related to the job to which you are applying.

Get in your Superhero Pose:

Going into an interview can be nerve wracking. Remember these three things to help you relax.

  1. Practice your breathing to help calm your mind.
  2. Smile: This is so easy, yet many people forget it. When you smile, endorphins are released into your blood stream and facial muscles, helping you relax.
  3. Finally, get in your “superhero pose” before you walk into your interview. Many professional athletes and actors do this before a game or performance.  They put their hands on their hips, take a deep breath, and say positive affirmations.  Olympic medalist Laurie Hernandez used this technique at the Rio Olympics. Before each set, she would breathe and say. “I got this; I have been here before.”

Be confident. If you follow these steps, you GOT THIS!