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Orange County residents react as Gov. Newsom targets youth vaping with executive order

Volleyball player is leading the parade to support Julian’s Lego Corner at CHOC

What to do if you get stung by a bee

Clowns do more than lift spirits at children’s hospitals, they change brains

Prepare Millennials to Step into Leadership Positions

From SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio – The dangers of window falls

Making a difference with CHOC: Supporting pediatric mental health in our community

Young cancer patients take a break from the battle at ‘Oncology Ball’

From SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio – Summer safety tips

Coast Magazine Readers’ Choice Women in Health Care: Dr. Diane Nugent is a trailblazer in hematology

From SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio – Dr. Eric Ball

Commentary: Holistic system of care essential to achieving mental wellness for children, teens

Dana Hills High student is alive, thanks to mom whose daughter died after cross-country meet

Women of Coast 2019 Honoree: Sheniece Smith

From SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio – Dr. Terez Yonan

Coping With Different Types of Depression

California’s first surgeon general prioritizes children and addressing health disparities

Ducks Strut the Catwalk in Support of CHOC Children’s

From SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio – Dr. Katherine Williamson

‘Definitely not an anti-vaxer’: Some parents push back against recommended vaccine schedule

Kids Camps Adventures

After-school activities: The pros and cons of filling your kids’ schedule

7 Questions Pediatricians Always Ask Before Their Kids’ Playdates

Most Influential 2018: Meet the top 100 influencers in Orange County

30 Healthy Habits from Every Type of Doctor

Long Live Childhood

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