Welcome to the CHOC Children’s Outpatient Pharmacy. Our dedicated professionals work together to provide the best in pharmaceutical care for the patients and their families who receive care at CHOC Children’s. The outpatient pharmacy is designed to help meet the medication needs of the patients receiving care from CHOC Children’s, through our clinics, as well as pediatric patients being discharged from the hospital. Many hard to find products, such as injectable drugs, compounded preparations, and special formula are available. In addition to prescription products, a limited supply of non-prescription medications are available and medication counseling for patients and families is gladly provided.

Consumer Medication Safety

YOU can play a vital role in preventing medication errors, and can provide you the tools to do so! Please visit to learn more.

Learn how to properly destroy your expired and unwanted medications at home – English, Spanish

Online Refills

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Refills for existing patients may now be requested online through our Refill Website. After creating an online prescription profile, you will be able to request a refill of an existing prescription; learn how to safely and effectively use your prescriptions; and update your personal information.

Med-to-Bed Program

Bringing a child home from CHOC Children’s just became easier. Our patients, and their parents, are now discharged with home medications already in hand. That’s right — no more stopping by a pharmacy thanks to the new Med-to-Bed program that improves patient safety and helps prevent hospital re-admissions.

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5 Dangers of Supplements for Children

Young girl holding a pill

Many parents provide their children supplements such as multivitamins, omega-3 pills and probiotics, thinking the added nutrients can only boost their child’s health. It can’t hurt, right?

Not so, according to CHOC Children’s clinical dietitian Jessica Brown. While supplements can have benefits, they may not be safe or necessary for every child. “National surveys actually show that most children are getting enough vitamins and nutrients already,” Brown says.

Medication Tips from Our Experts

Medication Safety in the Home
Every 10 minutes in the United States, there’s a child under the age of 6 taken to an emergency department for medication poisoning. Most of the incidents occur in the home. In this episode of CHOC Radio, pharmacist Dr. Shannon Bertagnoli offers tips to help prevent children from getting into medications.

Making Sense of Asthma Medication
The number of children with asthma continues to rise, but the evolution of asthma medication means most attacks can now be prevented before they start. CHOC asthma specialist Dr. Mark Ellis explains the different kinds of asthma medications recommended for children.

The Dangers of Acetaminophen
Acetaminophen is a safe, popular pain reliever and fever reducer, but it can have devastating consequences for children if not taken properly, a CHOC Children’s pharmacist cautions. Better known as Tylenol, acetaminophen is the medication most commonly given to American children.

Medication Safety FAQs
To help keep your little ones safe from common medication mishaps, check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about medications, medication safetyprovided by Shannon Bertagnoli, pharmacy safety coordinator at CHOC Children’s.

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