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We understand it can be overwhelming for parents to navigate pharmaceutical care for your child. That’s why the CHOC Specialty Pharmacy team of trained pharmacy technicians and clinical pharmacists are dedicated to offer personalized services for pediatric patients receiving specialty medication(s). Specialty medications are usually needed for complex diseases, costly, require special handling and/or storage conditions and might not be available at local pharmacies.

CHOC Specialty Pharmacy works directly with your doctors and nurses to ensure your child has timely access to the specialty medication(s) at the lowest cost possible. Our specialty clinical pharmacists are trained in complex diseases and are available whenever you need us to discuss your medications, symptoms, side effects or any questions related to your child’s medication therapy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CHOC Specialty Pharmacy will work with your prescriber when you need a new prescription drug. In many cases, your prescriber will send CHOC Specialty Pharmacy a new copy of your child’s prescription. However, you may also call CHOC Specialty Pharmacy and ask that we contact your prescriber to get the new specialty prescription.
A patient care coordinator will call you before your child’s medication is scheduled to run out to check your progress and decide when to ship the next refill. Please call 714-509-9118 or toll free at 877-794-2462 (877-RX4-CHOC) during our normal office hours if you have any questions or need any help.
We arrange delivery of your child’s specialty medication(s). They can be delivered to your home, your prescribers’ office or another approved location.
We will also include any necessary supplies, like needles, syringes, and alcohol swabs. If your medications require special care or refrigeration, they will be packaged and shipped that way.
If you cannot get a medication at CHOC Specialty Pharmacy, your patient care coordinator will work with you and another pharmacy to make sure you receive the medication. If you want the prescription transferred to another pharmacy, please contact your patient care coordinator and we will transfer the prescription for you.
CHOC specialty pharmacists are trained on the medication(s) your child is taking. They are here to answer your questions about your child’s care plan. Please call a CHOC specialty pharmacist if you have any questions about your child’s treatment.
In the case of an emergency, call 911. A licensed pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any urgent needs about your child’s medication. Our pharmacists can be reached at 714-509-9118 or (877) 794-2462 (877-RX4-CHOC).
CHOC Specialty Pharmacy offers several patient care management programs. These programs provide care for your child’s specific medical conditions.
The service includes:
  • Ongoing evaluation
  • Health monitoring
  • Assessment of educational needs
  • Management of medication use
The programs are a great way to be proactive and improve your child’s health. This service is provided to you at no additional cost and your involvement is completely voluntary. You can opt out by calling or emailing the pharmacy at any time.

A licensed specialty pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any urgent needs relating to your child’s medication(s). CHOC specialty pharmacists are specially trained on the medication(s) your child is taking and they are here to answer questions about your child’s care plan. Please call 714-509-9118 or 877-794-2462 (877-RX4-CHOC) if you have any questions regarding your child’s treatment.
In case of an emergency, call 911.

Patient Satisfaction

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CHOC Specialty Pharmacy

1201 West La Veta Ave, Suite B-224 | Orange, CA 92868
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Phone: 714-509-9118
Toll Free: (877) 794-2462 | (877) RX4-CHOC

CHOC Specialty Pharmacy will be closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day (January 1)
  • President’s Day (third Monday in February)
  • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Labor Day (first Monday in September)
  • Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November)
  • Christmas (December 25)

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