Emergency Admissions

CHOC Emergency Department


For any emergent or life-threatening medical conditions that require an immediate emergency response, call 911.

Provider information for emergency admissions:

To notify the emergency department of your patient’s arrival and/or speak with a physician, please call 714-509-9095. 

This emergency room pre-arrival number is available 24 hours a day. The emergency department is available to evaluate and facilitate acute admissions.

Directions and more information about the Julia and George Argyros Emergency Department

Pediatric Trauma Transfers

CHOC has the only pediatric-dedicated emergency department and trauma center in Orange County. With a full team of pediatric specialists and surgeons ready to handle every case, we have the expertise that only a children’s hospital can provide. We are here to be a resource for emergency departments and hospitals in Southern California. Please call us at any time, if we can be of assistance. Learn more about CHOC Pediatric Trauma Center

CHOC Pediatric Trauma Center 714-509-9095

Reasons for Transfer to a Pediatric Trauma Center

1. Any seriously ill or injured child who cannot be managed in the community hospital

2. Trauma – any of the following:

      • Multiple-system injury (two or more organ systems)
      • Penetrating wounds to head, neck, chest, abdomen, back, groin, extremity above the knee or elbow
      • Cardiac or major vessel injury
      • Massive maxillofacial trauma
      • Spinal injury with deficit
      • Severe head injury

– Glasgow Coma Scale score (GCS) less than or equal to 12

– Deteriorating GCS regardless of score – Penetrating or open injury

– Depressed skull fracture – CSF leak – otorrhea or rhinorrhea

– Focal or lateralizing signs, i.e. posturing

– Intracranial hemorrhage

      • Abdominal injury, blunt, with tenderness
      • Falls greater than 10 feet or 2-3 times the height of the child
      • High-risk auto crash

– Passenger space intrusion > 12 inches where trauma victim is sitting OR any occupant in a passenger seat when there is > 18 inches intrusion at any site within the passenger space

– Ejection from automobile

– Person who is in same passenger compartment in which a trauma death has occurred

      • Auto versus pedestrian / bicyclist who is thrown any distance, run over or with significant (> 20 mph) impact
      • Motorcycle crash including “laying bike down,” > 20 mph
      • Single-system injury that cannot be managed by the community hospital