Diagnostic Services Referrals

Referrals for the following diagnostic services are now available through our Online Referral Portal.


For assistance with referring to the laboratory services listed below, please call 714-509-3132.

  • Specialty labs – Metabolic, Transplant/BMT cord blood, Hematology, Molecular
  • One IT system for all labs for easier and faster turnaround
  • Access to results through Powerchart in Cerner

For assistance with the radiology and imaging services listed below, please call 888-770-2462.

  • The radiology department offers state of the art MRI technology with both a Siemens 1.5T and cutting edge 3T units. The 3T MRI takes faster scans with excellent image quality.
  • CHOC is proud to offer patients the very latest in CT technology with a flash CT scan machine which uses a very low dose of radiation while producing high-quality images and taking incredibly fast scans.
  • Full field Digital Imaging Equipment
  • Low dose pediatric specific imaging protocols
  • 3D modeling for cardiac, orthopaedic, and brain imaging
  • Techs on-site 24/7
  • ACR Accredited for CT, MRI and US
  • Pediatric trained radiologists, technologists and radiology specific RN

To speak with a CHOC radiologist, please call  714-509-9060.

For assistance with referring to the neurodiagnostic and/or sleep services listed below, please call 714-509-8651.

  • Electroencephalograms (EEG)
  • Long Term Video Monitoring (LTM)
  • Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS)/Electromyogram (EMG)
  • Polysomnography (sleep study)
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)
  • Daytime Nap Studies

For assistance with referring to the CHOC Heart Institute cardiodiagnostic services listed below, please call 888-770-2462.

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Ergometer and metabolic exercise testing
  • Pulmonary function testing (PFT)
  • Transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography
  • Fetal echocardiography and prenatal cardiac diagnosis
  • Cardiac disease surveillance
  • Cardiovascular disease data registry management
  • 2D and 3D real-time resting, stress and sedated echocardiography
  • 1.5T and 3.0T magnetic resonance (MRI) and CT angiography with 3-D image reconstruction
  • Pacemaker and internal cardiac defibrillator (ICD) interrogation and reprogramming at the arrhythmia device center
  • Diagnostic cardiac catheterization and therapeutic cardiac catheterization at the catheterization laboratory