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Shadab, Farrokh MD

Specialty: Pediatrics
Appointments: 714-549-1200

Dr. Farrokh Shadab is a board certified pediatrician and sees patients at CHOC Children's Hospital in Orange, CA.

Jones, Neil F. MD

Specialties: Hand Surgery, Plastic Surgery
Appointments: 888-770-2462
Office: 714-456-5759

Dr. Jones is a board certified pediatric plastic surgeon who treats kids and adolescents at CHOC Children's.

Halikis, Mark MD

Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery
Appointments: 888-770-2462

Dr. Mark Halikis is a board certified physician specializing in orthopedic surgery. He leads the hand surgery program at CHOC.

Elbalalesy, Naser M. MD

Specialties: Child Neurology, Neurology
Appointments: 714-848-3333

Dr. Naser Elbalalesy is board certified in neurology with special qualifications in child neurology and treats kids and teens in Orange County.

Arrieta, Antonio C. MD

Specialties: Infectious Disease, Pediatrics
Appointments: 888-770-2462
Office: 714-509-8403

Dr. Arrieta specializes in the treatment of serious community acquired and nosocomial infections and has added expertise in HIV medicine.

Chan, Wan-Yin MD

Specialty: Allergy/Immunology
Appointments: 714-633-6363

Dr. Wan-Yin Chan is a board certified pediatric allergist at CHOC Children's who treats kids with allergies, asthma and related conditions. 

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