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At CHOC, we know that research saves lives. That’s why our Research Institute has over 350 research studies in more than 30 specialties to provide your child with access to leading-edge treatments. Our scientists translate the latest advances in molecular profiling, including whole genome sequencing, to meet the individual needs of our patients at every stage of their young lives —from infancy through adolescence.

We understand that it’s important to conduct research directly with children and adolescents in a facility such as CHOC, that is devoted exclusively to the care, quality of life, rights and safety of children of all ages.


Stories of Innovative Pediatric Research

CHOC entrance

As a recently recruited young physician scientist on CHOC’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Dr. Grant Shafer is maintaining a busy clinical schedule while settling into a new life in Southern California. And Dr. Shafer, who joined CHOC on Sept. 1 after finishing a fellowship at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH), arrives here with some pioneering … Continue reading New physician scientist already conducting pioneering research in neonatology


naomi recovers from surgery

When 7-year-old Naomi Adrian took a spill on the school playground earlier this year and a schoolmate fell on top of her left leg, she got up with a slight limp. After what appeared to be a bruise kept growing, and as Naomi continued to walk awkwardly, her mother, Maria Nino, took her to the … Continue reading Cutting-edge device approved for compassionate use saves leg, life of young girl

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baby hope

Baby Hope looked into her mother’s eyes and gurgled. Four days short of turning 9 months old, wearing a white onesie with the words “Best Gift Ever” on the front, she made more baby talk. “You’re always a big chatterbox – what are you saying?” her mother, Elizabeth “Becca” Wyneken, said as she smiled and … Continue reading Milestone procedure saves preemie with complex heart disease

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Researcher in lab with test tube

COVID-19 has been a tragic wrecking ball on several fronts, but something that isn’t mentioned much is clinical research. Long a linchpin at CHOC and, moving forward, poised to become even more central as CHOC evolves into a leading pediatric health system, clinical research has had to quickly readjust under the strain of the pandemic. … Continue reading Pandemic has provided lessons on continuing research during a crisis



Every morning when she awakes, Sydney Amato begins her daily battle with her body. If she’s lucky, the 16-year-old will have gotten a handful of hours of uninterrupted sleep – dreaming, perhaps, of doing what most healthy kids her age take for granted: Hanging out with friends. Going to school. Learning to drive. Because of … Continue reading Wired for hope

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Jeffrey Huang, Ph.D., a research scientist at CHOC Research Institute whose scientific interests include applying innovative molecular biology techniques to the treatment of rare pediatric disorders, was recently honored at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference. Considered one of the world’s leading international events in the field of drug discovery, development and diagnostics, the conference attracts more … Continue reading CHOC Researcher Recognized at International Molecular Medicine Conference