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CHOC offers access to cutting-edge pediatric research and clinical trials that can't be found anywhere else.
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Terence Sanger, Chief Scientific Officer at CHOC, speaks to the importance of research at a children’s hospital.

We conduct research directly with children and adolescents in a facility devoted exclusively to the care, quality of life, rights and safety of children of all ages.

At CHOC, we know that research saves lives. That’s why our Research Institute has more than 500 research studies in more than 30 specialties to provide your child with access to leading-edge treatments. Our scientists translate the latest advances in molecular profiling, including whole genome sequencing, to meet the individual needs of our patients at every stage of their young lives —from infancy through adolescence.


Stories of Innovative Pediatric Research

CHOC participates in an ongoing innovative study on ovarian tissue transplantation that can help cancer patients have children in the future.

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nurse preparing patient for MRI

Sumiko Abe uses her vast experience to help clinicians view the best possible images of the brain to influence treatment plans.

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Teen boy takes a blood sample for diabetes

As a part of CHOC’s Wave Thinker Collaborative, an innovation program, associates present ideas to solve challenges in pediatric healthcare.

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twin sisters

CHOC doctors secured a one-time compassionate use FDA approval to use a cutting-edge device to help remove Naomi’s tumor and save her leg.

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baby hope

Before Hope was born, her mom knew she had heart defects and would need surgery after birth. Thankfully, she was in good hands at CHOC.

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CHOC patient and her father

In a first for CHOC, a multidisciplinary team performs deep brain stimulation on 16-year-old to treat her debilitating movement disorder.

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