About the A2B Program

The A2B Program was created for patients with chronic health conditions who need support preparing for adult care. This program is ideal for patients who see multiple doctors, have questions about their health insurance, receive community benefits (such as IHSS or SSI), are a client of Regional Center, or feel stressed about transferring their care to doctors outside of CHOC.

The A2B Program helps patients with:

  • Creating a transition of care plan, specific to you and your needs, that will give you steps of what to work on now and what to expect in the future
  • Finding adult doctors and healthcare providers, including mental health specialists
  • Building independence and self-management skills that will help you navigate the adult healthcare system
  • Care coordination between your CHOC doctors and your new adult care team, including transferring your medical records to your new adult provider
  • Answering questions about health insurance, shared decision-making options like conservatorship and legal changes that occur when a patient turns 18
  • Referrals to support networks and community benefits

Our team works closely with your medical team

Our team includes a nurse practitioner, licensed clinical social worker, patient care coordinator, program manager and research and quality improvement manager.

The A2B Program is a consult service. This means that the A2B team does not change your treatment plan but acts as medical experts on transition. We will provide recommendations and answer your questions about what comes next. Your primary care doctor and specialists will continue to see you regularly to manage your health condition and any medications or treatments you receive. The A2B Program works with your medical team to help coordinate your care and plan for the future.

Eligibility for the program

To be seen in the A2B Program, patients must meet all criteria below:

  • The patient must be 12 years or older
  • The patient must be seen by a CHOC specialist
  • The patient must be referred to our program by your pediatrician or CHOC specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Any patients seen in the A2B Program should continue to work with their CHOC doctors. Planning for transition is something that ideally occurs over many years, starting at the age of 12.
No, the A2B Program does not put you on the “fast-track” for transition, nor does it mean you need to leave CHOC earlier. Instead, the A2B Program focuses on helping you develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to be the healthiest, most independent version of yourself, which will help when you do see doctors who treat adults.
The A2B Program sees patients as young as 12 and encourages patients and families who think they may need support during transition to schedule an appointment with us in the early stages of transition planning (between ages 12-14). It is common for patients to wait until they are older to start thinking about transition, but the earlier you start, the more time there is to plan and practice your healthcare skills.
Our team meets with patients and families once a year to review transition readiness skills and update the transition plan based on your needs. We will follow up with phone calls in between to help with any questions or referrals you may need.
Please contact us at 714-509-9504 or A2BTransition@choc.org.