Registered Dietitian (RD) Pediatric Residency Program

The CHOC RD Pediatric Residency program was created to meet the unique training needs of registered dietitians wanting to transition to pediatrics.

CHOC is the ideal setting for this program as a tertiary-level, state-of-the-art health system dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of children in Orange County and beyond. Our program is committed to ensuring the education, specialized training and support to assist you in transitioning into a successful, competent and confident pediatric dietitian.

About the Program

Our RD Residency Program is an 18-week program that is specifically customized to meet the requirements of the new graduate or the RD changing areas of specialty to be successfully transitioned to becoming a professional pediatric dietitian. The program emphasizes the following outcomes:

  • Delivering safe, independent, timely nutrition care and practice according to the Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance (SOP/SOPP) for Registered Dietitians in Pediatric Nutrition from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Role modeling CHOC’s Mission, Values, Vision, strategic goals, care model and nutrition philosophy.
  • Advocating for patient, patient’s family and self.
  • Integrating theoretical knowledge and past situations with clinical experiences to build upon their knowledge base.
  • Participating in new opportunities at CHOC to grow both professionally and clinically.
  • Building a network of professional relationships.
  • Exemplifying the leadership skills they gained through the RD Residency Program by pursuing leadership and professional opportunities at CHOC and the nutrition profession as a whole.

Our RD residents accomplish these outcomes through the following components:

  • Precepting. Work with trained preceptors to give you the personalized learning that you need to succeed.
  • Didactic Curriculum. Evidence-based information, hands-on training, presentations from content experts and leadership building opportunities all assist in growing your knowledge base and skills in pediatric nutrition.
  • Feedback/Evaluations. Not only do you receive feedback on the job in real time, but you will also have hand-off sessions between rotations as well as monthly progress meetings during the 18 weeks. These meetings are a time to reflect on your achievements and your goals to ensure you are on track to becoming a successful independent competent pediatric dietitian and the organization is meeting your needs.



Clinic and Outpatient Programs
Feeding Program
Eating Disorders
Individual Counseling
Pulmonary Services
Ketogenic Program
Endocrine Services
Metabolic Services
Other specialty clinics including Nephrology, Lipid, Spina Bifida, High-Risk Infant Follow-up

Inpatient Rotations
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Medical/Surgical Floors

Staff Relief or Elective Choice

Feeding program
CHOC’s Feeding Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Required: Registered Dietitian with the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Preferred: One year of clinical nutrition experience (in adult setting).
RD Resident graduates are eligible for consideration for open positions at CHOC.
The hourly rate for the RD Resident is within the range of the Clinical I RD.
Residents are expected to attend their classes and follow their preceptors’ schedules. Therefore, any long weekend vacations must be scheduled around class days, as well as the schedules provided by their departments. However we know that flexibility is very important. The leadership and management team will assist the residents as best as possible to accommodate occasional requests for time off.
This is a full-time position that requires 40 hours per week. All shifts are days; however, the hours fluctuate to accommodate didactic and clinical time. There may be an occasional weekend rotation.
To learn more about the CHOC RD Residency Program, please email us at
Check back periodically for updates on application periods for 2024. CHOC places one to two RD Residents per year. Click here to search current job openings.