Urological Surgery Information

The CHOC Urology Center is proud to offer patients a full scope of services ranging from in-office consultations and procedures to surgical procedures performed by our world-renowned pediatric urology surgeons in the state-of-the-art CHOC surgical facilities.

We encourage patients and families to learn as much as possible about the surgical experience by reading our comprehensive surgery guide. We are pleased to offer information on how to prepare children of all ages for surgery—from infants to teens. We also offer information on what to expect the day of surgery and much, much more. Learn more from our comprehensive surgery guide.

Families whose children will be undergoing surgical procedures are also encouraged to read our guides for after-surgery care pertaining to the different types of surgeries performed by our pediatric urology surgeons. These guides can help caregivers prepare for how they will need to care for their child after they come home from CHOC.

Device Offers Painless Surgery Recovery for Kids


Utilization of the On-Q pump pain management device for major urological surgery.

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