Mental Health Newsletter Archive

Mental Health Update newsletter is intended to share news and information about the need for pediatric mental health services in Orange County and CHOC’s role in meeting those needs.


  • August 2019
    Does your child suffer from anxiety? Plus, How to raise kind kids | New law permits “mental health days” for students | Hispanics mental health crisis
  • July 2019
    Tips for enjoying an unplugged family vacation. Plus, Are Americans getting angrier | Latest suicide stats | 4 ways to become digital mentors | 3 things to help your kids be ad savvy
  • June 2019
    Suicide rates on the rise for young girls. Plus, Cookie Monster teaches self-regulation | Signs your child is struggling with anxiety | 5 practices for boosting emotional well-being
  • May 2019
    Easy tips for calming anxiety. Plus, Warning signs of suicidal behavior | The impact of childhood trauma | Benefits of team sports and much more!
  • April 2019
    Orange County funds suicide-prevention program. Plus, Helping teens face college rejections | Weathering emotional storms | Supporting kids after a tragedy | Coping with depression
  • March 2019
    Teens say depression is bigger problem than drugs. Plus, New hope for cyberbullying victims | Surviving teen years | Books to help your child’s anxiety | Steps to muscle relaxation benefits
  • February 2019
    Tips for preparing your teen for a healthy relationship. Plus, Depression among girls | Encouraging self-acceptance | Ways to engage in positive self-talk
  • January 2019
    How your family can make – and keep – new year’s resolutions. Plus, Increase in gun related suicides | Is social media a cause for concern? | How to help your teen quit vaping