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The Facts About Difficult Eaters

It is tough to know how a child will react to foods being introduced into his or her diet. Learn the myths and facts about difficult eaters.

Current Diet Trends & Kids

A vegetarian diet excludes meat, poultry, fish, seafood and shellfish but includes eggs and dairy products. It can be really healthy for children and teens.

Kids and Healthy Eating Habits

Offer children a variety of foods so they can try things and develop healthy eating habits: fresh fruit and vegetables are best and limit sweetened foods.

Kids and Living with Food Allergies

Food allergies usually appear in the first two years of life and that these reactions typically occur immediately or within two hours of eating the food.

Teens and Caffeine

Caffeine, which has been purported to increase energy and also acts as a mild stimulant, can be found in many foods and drinks, including coffee.

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