CHOC Billing

This short video will describe the billing process for services after your child’s visit or stay at CHOC.

The CHOC Family Payment Center handles billing for many locations throughout the CHOC health system.

Different bills are sent for each area. So, you could get more than one bill depending on the type of visit.

Even if you get separate bills, you can still pay them through the Family Payment Center.

You may also receive bills from other physicians who cared or provided services for your child. These include anesthesiologists, radiologists and emergency physicians who are not billed through the Family Payment Center.

When your child is admitted to the hospital, you are told what your expected costs will be based on the reason for your visit and your insurance coverage.

However, this amount is only an estimate and could change. An estimate is only provided for a hospital admission, not for any other visits.

After you are discharged from your visit, a detailed statement is sent to your insurance, or to you if you do not have insurance.

If you would like a copy of your detailed statement, you can call and request one.

Your insurance will pay its amount of the bill.

If there is a portion remaining, or if you do not have insurance, the remaining balance will be sent to you in a bill.

The bill will show you what your insurance has paid and what you owe.

You can pay your bill over the phone, mail your payment or pay online at choc-dot-org-slash-payments.

CHOC accepts cash, check, VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

If you can’t pay all of your bill at once, CHOC offers payment plans.

CHOC also has a financial assistance program. The application is available on the website or it can be mailed to you.

A member of the Family Payment Center team can help with any questions you may have about your bill.

Please call 714-509-8600.