AJ’s Story

AJ Vandermade’s bright future involves helping people whenever they need it, just like his mom who happens to be a nurse at CHOC.

Injury Prevention for Children: Amy Waunch

Amy Waunch, registered nurse at CHOC Children's, tells us how parents can be proactive and offers tips for injury prevention for children.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Amy Waunch

Amy Waunch, clinical nurse educator, tells us about methods to help alleviate pain & discomfort in children, making their visits to the ER less painful.

Children and Fever: Dr. Pierog

Dr. James Pierog, Medical Director of CHOC Emergency Department, describes what a fever is & explains that a fever is the way the body fights infections.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Dr. Pierog

Dr. James Pierog, Medical Director of CHOC Emergency Department, speaks about the individiuals who are trained specifcally for pediatric emergency medicine.

What “Triage” Means

Sarah, registered nurse in the emergency department at CHOC Children's, explains to us what the term "triage" means.

Family-Centered Care

Julia, charge nurse, explains how CHOC focuses on Family-Centered Care by encouraging parents and siblings to be at bedside to help relieve anxiety.

Child Life Specialist: Lauren

Lauren shares to us her goal as a Child Life Specialist to decrease stress and anxiety associated with medical treatment in the emergency department.

The New Emergency Department at CHOC

Sandee, a charge nurse at CHOC, tells us about the new Emergency Department and how a whole care team of specialists assist the patients and families.

The Ambulance Ride

Registered Nurse Sarah helps us to understand that parents can direct ambulance drivers to bring their children to CHOC.

Proud To Be Part of CHOC

Julia, charge nurse, tells us why she is proud to be a part of the elite team at CHOC Children's in the emergency department.

Needle Free Injections

Child Life Specialist explains the J-Tip, needle free injection, one of many medical tools used in the ED to help ease pain for our pediatric patients.

Why Come to CHOC Children’s Emergency Department

Sandee, charge nurse in CHOC's emergency department, tells us why you want to bring your children to CHOC Children's.

CHOC Emergency Department

CHOC Parent Marissa shares with us why she is grateful for a pediatric emergency department at CHOC Children's, all the nurses & doctors specially trained.

Making Children’s Futures Brighter: Julia

Let's see how Julia, a CHOC nurse in the emergency department, is helping to make children's futures brighter than ever.

The Amazing Staff: Sandee

Sandee, a charge nurse, tells us about the amazing pediatric specially trained staff to work with children in the Emergency Department at CHOC Children's.

Why I Love Working at CHOC: Lauren

Child Life Specialist Lauren reveals to us why she loves working in the Emergency Department at CHOC Children's.

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