Dr. Matthew M. Zahn, Pediatric Infectious Disease

Dr. Matthew M. Zahn, Pediatric Infectious Disease

  • Matthew M Zahn MD
  • Appointments:
  • Specialty: Infectious Disease
  • Board Certified: Pediatrics, Pediatric Infectious Disease

Dr. Zahn is a physician who treats kids and teens in Orange County and specializes in infectious disease.

Matthew M Zahn MD is on staff at CHOC Hospital in Orange .


CHOC Specialists
1201 W La Veta Ave
Orange, CA 92868
phone: 714-509-8403
fax: 714-509-4014


  • Medical School
    St Louis University School of Medicine, MO
  • Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship
    Children’s Hospital of Colorado
  • Pediatrics Residency
    Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center

Administrative Appointments

  • Infectious Disease, CHOC Specialists

Lectures and Presentations

  • Epidemiology in Public Health Practice
  • Foodborne Illness: What you really shouldn’t have eaten over the holidays
  • H1N1 Review

Professional Organizations

  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Infectious Diseases Society of America
  • Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society of America


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Swartzentruber, S., Rhodes, L., Kurkjian, K., Zahn, M., Brandt, M.E., Connolly, P., Wheat, L.J.: Diagnosis of acute pulmonary histoplasmosis by antigen detection. CLinical Infectious Disease Journal 46:1878-82, 2009.

Das, B.B., Wasser, E., Bryant, K.A., Woods, C.R., Yang, S., Zahn, M.: Culture negative endocarditis caused by Bartonella henslae in a child with congenital heart disease. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 28:922-5, 2009.