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A majority of eye-related issues can go undetected, since children aren’t aware when they are having vision problems—it is, after all, how they’ve always seen things. At CHOC Children’s Ophthalmology, we use innovative techniques to test a child’s vision that are different from methods used at adult practices, all in a pediatric setting.

We offer both basic eye care and specialty care to protect and restore vision for babies, children and teens. Whether your child needs new glasses or surgery, we provide the latest and most comprehensive treatment for pediatric eye disorders.

Eye Care Just for Kids

Vision Screenings

Early diagnosis and treatment is important to ensure a child’s vision develops correctly and to prevent long-term problems. We offer comprehensive eye screenings for every age.

Experts in Pediatric Eye Surgery

Because we perform eye surgery on the smallest patients, including babies as young as one day old, we use the least invasive techniques possible and unique methods to help ensure a child has a lifetime of vision. Eye surgery is performed at the CHOC Children’s surgery center, featuring pediatric-trained anesthesiologists, operating rooms and equipment that are customized for kids, and child life specialists who are at the bedside to reduce a child’s stress.

Conditions We Treat


  • Amblyopia (lazy eyes)
  • Childhood glaucoma (infantile, juvenile and traumatic)
  • Double vision (diplopia)
  • Droopy eyelids (ptosis)
  • Eye inflammation (uveitis)
  • Infantile and childhood cataracts

  • Nasolacrimal duct obstruction (blocked tear ducts)
  • Refractive errors (need for glasses/contacts)
  • Retinopathy of prematurity and its complications
  • Strabismus (crossing or drifting of the eyes)
  • Tearing eyes
  • Traumatic eye injuries

Our pediatric ophthalmologist also treats eye problems related to other diseases such as diabetes, sickle cell disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic disorders, brain tumors, genetic and chromosomal disorders and craniosynostosis.

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Ophthalmology Location

The CHOC Children’s Specialists Ophthalmology is located on the first floor of the Centrum North Building (#11 on map). The parking structure is located right behind the building at Centrum North Parking (#12 on map).
Download our campus map here: English map | Spanish map

Exterior view of CHOC Children’s Centrum North building

CHOC Children’s Specialists Ophthalmology

1120 W. La Veta Ave. | Suite 100 | Orange, CA 92868 | Appointments: 888-770-2462 | Office: 714-509-4490

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