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We understand it can be overwhelming to have a child with complex disorders and you might not know where to start. At CHOC Children’s, our pediatric endocrinologists help support families through diagnosis, education and treatment.

CHOC provides innovative programs and specialized treatments for conditions such as diabetes, thyroid cancer, a variety of gender, puberty and sex development issues and more.

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The CHOC Difference

US News and World Report Best Children's Hospitals Diabetes & Endocrinology


CHOC is ranked as one of the top endocrinology programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

Treating endocrine disorders in children and teens can be complex and often requires a team of caregivers. At CHOC, our board-certified endocrinologists understand the specialized expertise and multidisciplinary approach needed to care for endocrine disorders.

A Multidisciplinary Team

CHOC specialists work together as a team to discuss your child’s case and determine the best course of treatment. Depending on your child’s condition, your appointment may include CHOC experts from our many other specialties. Our team also collaborates with respiratory therapists, nurses and nurse practitioners, social workers, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians, pharmacists and child life specialists to develop a unique treatment plan.

Innovative Programs, Specialized Expertise

The endocrine system is a complex collection of hormone-producing glands that control basic body functions such as metabolism, growth and sexual development. To help treat these endocrine disorders, CHOC offers:

8 Ways to Protect Children with Diabetes from COVID-19

We know how frightening the spread of the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) may be for parents – especially parents of children with diabetes.

CHOC endocrinology can be reached during daytime hours at 714-509-8634. During evenings and weekends, call 714-765-7679.


CHOC Children’s endocrinology and diabetes team provides innovative programs and classes designed to educate patients and families. S.M.A.R.T.I.E.S. (Smart Kids/Teens Managing and Regulating their Insulin, Exercise and Sugars) is a special class that provides education to newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes patients at CHOC. Classes feature interactive activities and learning techniques for different ages. Additionally, the class provides an opportunity for patients to bond with other patients with diabetes. Siblings and parents are encouraged to attend.

As part of CHOC’s diabetes new onset education program, which is accredited by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the class helps support better outcomes and management of this life-changing condition.
S.M.A.R.T.I.E.S. is for new onset CHOC patients and their families. Families are scheduled into one of two monthly classes as a follow-up to the hospital education. For more information, including other resources available, please call 714-509-8634.
The Pediatric-Adolescent Diabetes Research and Education (PADRE) Foundation offers classes every month to families living with Type 1 Diabetes. CHOC diabetes educators and dietitians teach the classes. PADRE Foundation's activities help children normalize things that any child with diabetes needs to do like checking blood sugar or eating a healthy diet.

Classes at the PADRE Foundation are free and fun. Certain classes are available in Spanish. For more information, please call the PADRE office at 714-509–8330.
Although a thyroid test is conducted during newborn screenings in California, symptoms of endocrine disorders may not appear until closer to puberty. In this podcast, Sandy Preasmyer, a nurse practitioner on CHOC’s endocrinology team, discusses warning signs parents can look for, and how CHOC’s endocrinology specialists treat common thyroid problems in kids.

Endocrinology and Diabetes Locations

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CHOC Children’s Clinic – Specialty Care

Building: CHOC Clinic | 1201 W. La Veta Ave. | Orange, CA 92868 | 888-770-2462

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CHOC Children’s Health Center, Mission Viejo

26691 Plaza, Suite 130 | Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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CHOC Children’s Health Center, Corona

854 Magnolia Ave - #101 | Corona, CA 92879

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CHOC Children’s Newport Beach Endocrine & Diabetes Center

520 Superior Avenue - Suite 160 | Newport Beach, CA 92663 | 949-631-2062