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Looking for Cancer’s
CHOC Children's Annual Report: FY 2011
The Hyundai Cancer Institute at CHOC Children’s is one of the few places in the country conducting genomic research into pediatric malignancies.

CHOC Children's Institutes
CHOC Children's Annual Report: FY 2010
The CHOC Children’s Institutes: Heart, Orthopaedic, and Cancer

Cancer Institute Overview
Making a Mark: October 2008
About 10,000 children under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society.

A Fragile Beginning Strengthens Young Girl's Heart
On The Mark: Fall 2008
From the moment their daughter Olivia was born, Alejandro and Diane Llamas? lives became an unexpected emotional whirlwind.

Physician Spotlight
On The Mark: Fall 2008
When Richard Gates, MD, arrived at CHOC in 1995, there was only one way to protect a neonate?s heart during cardiac surgery. Surgeons had to cool the patient down, stop circulation?and hope for no permanent neurological injuries.

Making a Mark
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2007
Four years ago, a trip to the pediatrician's office became a turning point in the lives of the Torres family. Steve and Gina Torres took their youngest son Zachary, then age 2, in for what appeared to be a lingering cold. CHOC pediatrician Maureen Downes, M.D., ran a blood test during the office visit. When she saw the results, Zachary didn't go home that day - he went straight to CHOC.

Miraculous Recovery Gives Little Girl Second Chance at Life
Making a Mark: October 2007
They?ll never forget the date?May 22, 2006. That was the day Patrick and Bridget Colby watched as their 2-yearold daughter Sophia bravely fought for her life. As Sophia lay in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with 19 intravenous pumps hooked up to her little body, her heart stopped beating five separate times.

A Message from Dr. Minon
Making a Mark: October 2007
As Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer at CHOC, it is my pleasure to provide the message for this issue of Making a Mark, which discusses research at CHOC.

CHOC Research Institute at the Forefront of Clinical Research
Making a Mark: October 2007
Forty years ago, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) had a cure rate of only 4%; today, the cure rate is 94%. Thanks to years of progressive research, scientists were able to turn the tide, resulting in more children surviving ALL and other childhood diseases than ever before.

Hugs from Shaun Foundation Honors Teen Shaun Tanner
Making a Mark: October 2007
Seventeen-year-old Shaun Tanner was the typical all-American boy. He attended high school in Huntington Beach, where he won numerous sports and inspirational awards and earned the nickname ?the Tank.?

Glass Slipper Guild Pledges $1 Million to Neuroscience Institute
Making a Mark: October 2007
In January, the CHOC Glass Slipper Guild pledged $1 million to create a research endowment for the CHOC Neuroscience Institute. So far, the guild has raised $260,000 toward their five-year goal.

Glass Slipper Pledges $1 Million to Neuroscience Research
Touching Hearts Guild: Summer 2007
In January, the Glass Slipper Guild pledged $1 million to create a research endowment for the CHOC Neuroscience Institute. So far, the guild has raised $210,000 toward their five-year goal.

Physician Spotlight: Richard Gates, M.D.
Physician Connection: Summer 2007
When Richard Gates, M.D., arrived at CHOC in 1995, there was only one way to protect a neonate's heart during cardiac surgery.

Former CHOC Patient Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Successful Transplant
Kid's Health (Archive): Winter 2007
In the summer of 2006, former patient Danny Simon wanted to return to CHOC. He didn't need medical attention; he just wanted to celebrate and thank CHOC's medical team for saving his life a decade earlier.

CHOC Oncology Adds Adolescent Wing
Physician Connection: Fall 2006
The CHOC Cancer Institute is adding a new $2.5 million, six-bed wing to the existing oncology unit to better accommodate the needs of adolescents with cancer.

Creating a World-Class Heart Institute at CHOC
Making a Mark: October 2006
The Orange County community may already know about the excellence in cardiac care delivered at CHOC?the only facility in the region specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric cardiac patients. But now, Anthony C. Chang, M.D., MBA, medical director of the CHOC Heart Institute, wants the world to know.

A Change of Heart
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2004
Little Nadia Garilli made history on March 9, 2004, when she was just 7 days old. That was when she became the first Orange County child to undergo the Sano procedure, a new modification of a technique used in the first of three surgeries to correct hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

CHOC Institutes Offer Expert Care
Kid's Health (Archive): Summer 2004
Children with neurological disorders, congenital heart conditions or cancer need expert, specialized care. The CHOC Institutes offer a level of leading-edge care that is unparalleled anywhere else in Orange County, from state-of-the-art diagnostic services to the full spectrum of treatment alternatives.

CHOC Opens Neuroscience Unit, Cardiovascular ICU
Physician Connection: Winter 2004
Children's Hospital of Orange County has opened two brand-new units providing specialized care for neuroscience patients and for the postoperative needs of cardiac surgery patients.

Reputation Spurs Growth At The CHOC Heart Institute
Physician Connection: Fall 2003
In the past 10 years, the Ross procedure has been increasingly considered for pediatric patients with a wide spectrum of congenital abnormalities of the left ventricle outflow tract (LVOT).


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