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State-Of-The-Art Fertility Options Help Patients Prepare For Life After Cancer
Kid's Health (Archive): Spring 2010
One of the biggest problems cancer survivors face is fertility preservation. That’s why CHOC offers some of the most advanced oncofertility services in the world as part of its Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program, a joint effort with the University of California, Irvine.

Adolescent Oncology Unit Opens
Physician Connection: Summer 2009
It's goodbye to jungle animals and pastel colors. The new Anaheim Ducks Wing on the CHOC Children's oncology unit is sporting a far more mature vibe.

Better Planning for Life After Cancer
Kid's Health (Archive): Spring 2008
Thirty years ago, only 10 to 20 percent of children with cancer, all types combined, survived. Today, about 80 percent of all pediatric cancers are curable.

Boost Your Baby's Brain Power
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2007
Forget the "educational" videos and flash cards. Your baby already has what's needed to maximize early brain development: you.

Teens Getting High on Legal Substances
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2007
They are easier to get, and mistakenly believed to be medically safer than heroin, PCP or cocaine. Legal prescription drugs and over-the-counter cold and cough medicines have edged out street drugs in popularity among teens.

Hugs from Shaun Foundation Honors Teen Shaun Tanner
Making a Mark: October 2007
Seventeen-year-old Shaun Tanner was the typical all-American boy. He attended high school in Huntington Beach, where he won numerous sports and inspirational awards and earned the nickname ?the Tank.?

Teens Tempted By Diet Pills
Kid's Health (Archive): Winter 2007
American children and teens may be increasingly overweight, but thin is still "in."

Get Tough on Acne
Kid's Health (Archive): Winter 2007
Acne may be the bane of adolescence, but your teen doesn't have to live with it.

CHOC Oncology Adds Adolescent Wing
Physician Connection: Fall 2006
The CHOC Cancer Institute is adding a new $2.5 million, six-bed wing to the existing oncology unit to better accommodate the needs of adolescents with cancer.

Diabetic Teen Completes Run of Her Life
Kid's Health (Archive): Winter 2006
Every child who comes to CHOC or CHOC at Mission has a compelling story.

Helmets Are Cheap, Effective - And Required By Law
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2005
It's a sight CHOC neurosurgeon William Loudon, M.D., always hates to see: kids riding on scooters, rollerblades and skateboards without helmets.

C'mon, Get Up, Get Moving!
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2005
That's the advice CHOC pediatrician and sports medicine physician Chris Koutures, M.D., gives parents at his Anaheim Hills practice. He encourages them to help their children be healthy and physically fit by being good role models.

Experts Advise Ongoing Discussion Instead of "The Talk"
Kid's Health (Archive): Summer 2005
A recent study commissioned by People and NBC News revealed that your kids want to hear about sex from-you.

Media Images Get A Reality Check
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2003
Adolescents are constantly bombarded with media messages about physical attractiveness, but even the most media-savvy teens may not understand the extent to which those glamorous images have been airbrushed or manipulated by computer technology. Children?s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) has implemented a new community education program to show local teens the reality behind those images.

Zap those Zits
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2003
Regardless of what you may have heard growing up, certain foods do not cause teen acne, not even chocolate, french fries or other greasy foods.

Why The Media Target Your Children
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2002
Today's children have a tremendous amount of spending money, and are experts in influencing their parents' purchasing decisions.


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