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Making a Mark
Making a Mark is published bi-annually by the CHOC Foundation. It features CHOC and children?s healthcare news, patient highlights, hospital updates, board member spotlights, and community involvement stories and is mailed to donors who support CHOC with a gift of $250 and more.

Boardmember Demonstrates Unwavering Commitment to CHOC

?There is no higher return on one?s time and money than investing in CHOC.? That?s how Jeff Elghanayan describes his experience as a board member for the CHOC Foundation for Children.

Jeff and his wife Suzy became acquainted with CHOC unexpectedly when one of their sons experienced a medical crisis. They were so impressed with the level of care and respect their family received during their son?s treatment, they donated $100,000 to establish a program for continuing education in patient and family awareness. That gift, the first of many the Elghanayan?s have given to CHOC, marked the beginning of the family?s unwavering dedication to CHOC.

According to Jeff, ?children?s healthcare is at the top of my list of priorities, followed closely by education, sports and the arts. Being retired from real estate development gives me the ability to devote myself fully to my children and the programs that support them in the community.?

Because of his strong commitment to CHOC, in 2000 Jeff was invited to join the CHOC at Mission board of directors. Several years later, he was asked to join the CHOC parent board and CHOC Foundation for Children board. He was later nominated to chair the campaign to fund the new CHOC at Mission Emergency Department (ED)?to which he and Suzy donated $500,000 on behalf of the Baha?I Faith.

Jeff and Suzy supported the new Emergency Department because of the critical first impression it makes on children. ?A dedicated pediatric ED spares children the often greater pain and anxiety created by connecting their condition with the ill or injured adults they witness in the waiting and exam rooms.? Jeff explains.

Another program that is dear to the Elghanayans is the CHOC Breathmobile?, a fully equipped mobile medical clinic that visits schools throughout Orange County. ?We value the Breathmobile because of our total support for Dr. Stanley Galant, who impressed us tremendously with his thorough analysis and dedication to eliminating childhood asthma,? says Jeff.

?The Breathmobile provides children with professional care and expert diagnosis that they might not otherwise receive. The benefits of the Breathmobile far outweigh the cost of the service. In fact, I would rank the Breathmobile as the most cost effective charity we could ever support,? he adds.

Regarding his vision for CHOC?s future, Jeff supports the hospital?s goal to achieve national recognition as a premier children?s hospital. ?CHOC is already a leading children?s hospital. I believe that securing an endowment from a fund commensurate with its stature would be a big step toward CHOC gaining the recognition it deserves,? Jeff says.

?Perhaps the best characterization of our involvement with CHOC is one provided by our son Nicolai at a birthday party when he was 5,? says Jeff. ?When asked what his parents did, he very nonchalantly replied that his mom and dad are ?changing the world.? He was right though, and in a nutshell, Suzy and I are shaping all our activities around investing in CHOC.?


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