The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at CHOC at Mission Hospital

This short video will describe what you can expect during your child’s stay in the pediatric intensive care unit or PICU (pick-you) at CHOC at Mission Hospital.

Most patients are admitted to the PICU (pick-you) through the Mission Hospital Emergency Department or have been transported by ambulance.

Once your child is taken to their room, their nurse and medical team receive a report about their current status. A physician will assess your child, order treatments and labs, and discuss your child’s care plan with you.

Your child’s nurse will place three small stickers on their stomach that monitor their heart and respiratory rate. The nurse will also place a sticker with a red light on their finger to monitor oxygen. None of these hurt. Other equipment such as oxygen or an I-V may be needed. If your child requires specialized equipment, the nurse will explain what it is for.

Once your child is settled, their nurse will show you around the room and tell you about the daily routine.

There’s a white board with your child’s name, date, physician and nurse names for the shift, the plan of care, and patient goals.

Your child’s room includes a call light and a phone number to reach the nurse if needed.

A fold-out bed is provided for you to sleep in the same room as your child.

An aide will take care of your child’s personal needs. They will also bring your child any comfort items they might want.

Child life therapists have age appropriate activities such as tablets, books, toys and crafts that they can use throughout their stay.

Your child’s care team will round every morning. Ask any questions you may have.

Your child may be transferred to another unit if they are doing better but still need more care.

If your child’s doctor decides your child is ready to go home, their nurse will review the discharge paperwork with you and answer any questions you have. This might take a couple of hours.

When your discharge is completed, your child will be wheeled out to the front lobby by one of our CHOC volunteers or team members.