Ready for College: Preparing your child with chronic illness for success

Language: English
Topic Age Range: School District Wide (Pre-K – 12th Grade)

Brief Description
For many families, having a teen graduate high school and transition to college is an important milestone. When that teen must manage a chronic medical condition, such as diabetes or Crohn’s disease, teens and parents may wonder if college is out of reach or if their child should “stay local.” This doesn’t have to be the case. This presentation will talk about the challenges experienced by youth (and their parents!) transitioning to college and provide guidance on what to do before, during, and after the transition to college to optimize success. We will discuss resources available at the local and national level to help youth in the college environment so that families can approach this important transition feelings empowered and confident.

Date Aired: Wednesday, February 8, 2023 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Presenter: Wendy Gray, PhD, ABPP, BCB, Pediatric Psychologist, CHOC Co-Occurring Clinic

Presenter Bio
Dr. Gray is a board-certified, clinical child and adolescent psychologist specializing in working with teens and young adults with chronic health conditions. She also leads research efforts for CHOC’s A2B Transition Program (, which helps youth to navigate the transition from pediatric to adult health care. This experience, combined with her years as a university professor, will provide the foundation for a productive discussion on how to prepare youth for the challenges of higher education.


  • Learn about the unique challenges facing youth with chronic medical conditions pursuing higher education
  • Identify actionable steps to prepare for the transition to college
  • Become aware of local and national resources to support college students with chronic medical conditions