Teen Services

Three smiling teen girls

CHOC’s Teen Services provide a wide range of health services to adolescents and young adults by both male and female physicians who specialize in Adolescent Medicine.

CHOC’s Teen Services was established to address the special needs of teenagers. Teenagers experience many physical, emotional, and social changes. We understand that these changes involve greater independence and responsibility. The health care offered by our staff considers these changes and respects the teenager’s desire for privacy and confidentiality. We provide an opportunity for the teen to speak to a health care professional on his/her own.

The physician will speak to and include parents in managing health care needs. However, discussions of a personal nature will be kept in strict confidence unless there is a potential threat of harm to the patient (i.e. depression).

A patient may utilize CHOC’s Teen Services after age 12.


Health information, pamphlets, videos
Immunization updates
Screening and treatment of illnesses
Birth control
Pregnancy testing and counseling
Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatment
Counseling and referrals
General physical examinations for school, college, camp, work or sports