CHOC at Mission Hospital NICU

Located on the fifth floor of Mission Hospital, CHOC offers a state-of-the-art, Level 3 neonatal intensive care unit where we provide critical care to newborns.

The NICU at CHOC at Mission Hospital partners closely with the labor and delivery unit at Mission Hospital. Our neonatal teams may be present during high-risk births, and CHOC board-certified neonatologists are present in the hospital at all times. The NICU is a brief elevator ride from where moms recover after delivery and our goal is to ensure they are a partner in their baby’s care. For moms who need bed rest prior to delivery, members of the NICU staff may visit prior to delivery to share information about the NICU.

The NICU has an all-RN nursing staff with special experience treating a range of needs in newborns, including multiple births such as twins and triplets.

The Latest Technology and Comforts

The 22-bed unit includes rooms designed for the protection and comfort of premature and critical babies. All beds have the latest histogram monitoring systems that allow staff to track vital signs at a highly detailed level, and several of the beds are equipped for long-term video EEG monitoring. Every bed space is wired with NICVIEW webcam technology, providing families with the ability to see real-time, remote live video of their infant, from anywhere they can log on to the internet.

Parents are welcome in the unit 24 hours a day. Our Ronald McDonald Family Room, located just down the hall, offers limited accommodations, a kitchen and shower facilities for families to use during their stay. We also provide in-unit accommodations for a parent to room-in with their baby prior to going home, to prepare for life after the NICU.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

Mom and nurse caring for baby in the CHOC NICU at Mission Hospital

CHOC is committed to patient and family centered care, especially in our NICU. Parents are invited to attend daily rounding with their baby’s care team, including physicians, nurses, developmental specialists, dietitians, social workers and other specialists. All team members are in close communication with each other and with families to ensure the best decisions are being made with as much input from the team as possible.

Families also have support services available, including:

  • Lactation consultants
  • Volunteer cuddlers who provide extra comfort to babies
  • Child life specialists to help siblings understand what’s happening and prepare for a visit
  • A family support liaison
  • A surrogate program that allows a designated family member or friend to stay with baby when parents are away
  • Spiritual care services.

Serving Families in South County

The Next Best Thing To Mom
Mother Nature has already provided the perfect place for your baby to grow — you. But for babies born prematurely, our CHOC at Mission Hospital NICU is a close second.

Webcam System Connects Parents with Babies in the NICU
For parents who have to keep their little ones in the CHOC at Mission Hospital NICU for treatment, there is special technology to ensure families can be together and bond with their newborns when they can’t be at the bedside.

Finally, a Family
After years of trying to start a family, Breanne and Kristopher Kessler were ecstatic to learn they were expecting twins. But when Breanne was only 30 weeks pregnant, something went wrong. The team at the CHOC at Mission Hospital NICU was ready.


External view of CHOC Mission

CHOC at Mission Hospital NICU
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