Inpatient Feeding Program Packing List

We want every family who stays at CHOC to feel as at home in our hospital as possible. We encourage families taking part in our 19-day inpatient feeding program to bring items from home to make the visit comfortable and memorable. Bringing items from home not only eases the transition into the program for both parent and child, but it also helps with the transition back home after treatment.

We encourage families to keep this list in mind as they pack for their stay at the CHOC Multidisciplinary Feeding Program:

Clothes: Children in the inpatient feeding program are not required to wear a hospital gown and can feel free to where their favorite clothes and pajamas from home while staying at CHOC. Clothing should be comfortable and easy for the child to move around in during play time. We also encourage families to bring a sweater or light jacket even in the summer time. Parents should also bring comfortable clothing and keep in mind that laundry services are not available on-site at CHOC. Our staff can provide a list of local laundromats.

Hygiene and Personal Care Items: Although the hospital can provide soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste and diapers, most families prefer to bring their own. Hygiene and personal care items. Although parents should also pack their own personal medications, most medications, formula supplements, and g-tube supplies for the child will be provided by the hospital. If the child is on a special vitamin supplement, discuss whether the feeding team will need you to bring it with you.

Toys: We encourage parents to pack some of the child’s favorite toys, games or stuffed animals, especially those that could help motivate the child during meal time or be comforting at bedtime. Families traveling by car may wish to bring a tricycle, small scooter or other small ride-on toy and a helmet for use on the hospital’s patios.

Sleep items: If there are things that help the child fall asleep at night (i.e. blanket, pillow, sheets, stuffed animal), please bring those to make it easier for the child to fall asleep at night.

Floor mat: Families are encouraged to bring a blanket or rug to put on the floor for the child to play and work on during the day, as we try to keep the bed just for sleeping as much as possible.

DVDs: Some families may have access to a DVD player during their stay; however, due to limited availability, we highly recommend bringing in a portable DVD player from home and the child’s favorite movies.

Dinnerware: If the child prefers to eat or drink out of a particular type of dinnerware, please bring them to CHOC; otherwise, we can supply all necessary utensils, plates, cups etc. The benefit of bringing dinnerware from home is that the child will be used to those cups, plates and utensils when it comes time to apply their new feeding skills at home.

Photographs and decorations: We encourage families to Personalize their room with photos of family and friends and decorations that will make the child feel more comfortable and happy while at CHOC.

Parent items: Because the child’s primary caregiver is required to stay with the child throughout the 19 days at the hospital, we encourage those parents to bring their own personal comfort items, as well as electronics, magazines, headphones, crafts and other activities that will help pass the time.

Food: All food will generally be provided by the hospital; however, in some cases if the child has very specific food preferences that are not normally stocked by the hospital, parents may bring these items and store them in the refrigerator located in the child’s room. The Dietary Department can also provide most special requests if notified prior to admission to the hospital, so be sure to discuss any specific requests prior to the arriving at CHOC. Parents are welcomed to bring their own food to store in the room or in the refrigerator in the nurses’ station. There are also two cafeterias or the option of a parent tray that can be sent to the room for $5 per tray.