Emergency Services at CHOC at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach

When your child has a medical emergency, we know you want the best pediatric care—and fast.

CHOC at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach is a dedicated children’s emergency department inside Mission Hospital. Through this partnership, South Orange County families have access to pediatric expertise for everything from broken bones to small abrasions to headaches. No matter is too small, and no patient is turned away.

nurse with smiling young girl at hospital

Why is a pediatric emergency department different?

Children are not tiny adults and have very specific healthcare needs. At our emergency department, patients and families have access to:

  • Dedicated pediatric room
  • Kid-friendly waiting room
  • On-call pediatric specialists
  • Toys and other kid-friendly distraction tools such as coloring books and ipads


We know trips to the emergency room aren’t planned, but if you are able, make sure you have everything necessary for an emergency department visit. Learn about what to bring to the emergency department.

When should I take my child to the emergency department?

Knowing when a child’s condition reaches a level in which emergency care is needed can be difficult. After all, children are not small adults. They might display different symptoms than adults, and some symptoms that aren’t serious for an adult can be very serious – even dangerous – for children. CHOC advises parents to follow their parental instincts.

Your child should be taken to the emergency department when:

• They are experiencing rapid and fast breathing, head trauma, trauma with loss of consciousness or vomiting, motor vehicle accidents, severe abdominal pain or dehydration.
• An infant less than 28 days old has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher.


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Location map of Emergency Dept in Laguna
Pediatric Emergency Department at CHOC at Mission Hospital, Laguna Beach

31872 Coast Hwy. | Laguna Beach, CA 92651 | 949-499-2002