CHOC Link Portal Registration Form

CHOC Link is an online connection to your child’s medical information. It is a secure place to communicate with your child’s providers, request appointments, print records and much more. It’s the most convenient way for you to manage your child’s health.

CHOC Link Access Restrictions: CHOC Link is restricted for parents and legal guardians of adolescents ages 12 and older due to state laws protecting minor confidentiality in certain health circumstances.
To learn more about these regulations, see:

Patients aged 11 and under: Parents/legal guardians may access their child’s information online.

Patients aged 12 to 17: Parents/legal guardians will have limited access to the patient’s record. Limited access will include messaging, scheduling requests and bill pay. Parents/legal guardians will not have online access to their child’s clinical information in accordance with state laws.

Patients 18 and older: Patients may access their own information online. In the case of mentally incapacitated patients, parents/legal guardians may access the patient’s information online.