COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Kids and Teens

CHOC pediatrician Dr. Katherine Williamson and Dr. Jasjit Singh, a CHOC pediatric infectious disease specialist, discuss the science and testing behind COVID-19 vaccines, COVID-19 safety after vaccination, and why vaccinating children will be so important once approved and available.
Watch another COVID-19 vaccine town hall between Drs. Williamson and Singh, and including Dr. Clayton Chau, county health officer, and the Rev. Timothy Freyer, auxiliary bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange

Information about the Covid-19 vaccine

Mom and her daughter smiling outside with masks on

Many parents are asking, “When will vaccines be available for children under 5?” A CHOC expert explains the timeline and offers advice.

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Boy pulls mask down to use asthma inhaler

A CHOC pediatrician answers questions about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine for kids with asthma.

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mom kisses sick daughter on forehead while holding thermometer

A CHOC pediatric expert explains the similarities and differences in symptoms of flu and COVID-19, and how to protect your child from both.

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girl covers eyes while getting shot

A CHOC pediatric psychologist offers tools to parents to help kids cope with their fear of needles and prioritize their health.

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Girl at school smiles with mask _ Covid 19 vaccine for kids under 12

A CHOC pediatric expert answers parents’ commonly asked questions about kids under 12 and the COVID-19 vaccine.

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CHOC patient Logan with bandaged arm after receiving vaccine

For Logan, who has complex congenital heart disease, vaccine eligibility ensured safety from a life-threatening virus.

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