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Cause Marketing

CHOC Foundation, responsible for coordinating fundraising activities that support CHOC Children’s Hospital (CHOC), CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital (CHOC Mission) and any related entity, is pleased to be selected as the beneficiary of financial support resulting from fundraising programs, events or projects (benefits).

In order to ensure that all proposed programs promote the best image of the Foundation, CHOC, CHOC Mission and any related entity, and are in the best interests of the public and the Foundation, the organizers of these programs must have approval of the Foundation before proceeding.

If you, your organization or company wish to conduct a cause marketing fundraising program to benefit CHOC or CHOC Mission, please complete and sign the Cause Marketing Approval form and return it as quickly as possible to CHOC Foundation, 1201 W. La Veta Ave., Orange, CA 92868. Additional information can be obtained by calling 714-509-3586.

On behalf of the children and families we serve, thank you for deciding to support CHOC. Your kindness and generosity is invaluable.

Long Live Childhood

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