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For over 50 years, the guilds of CHOC Children’s have been working to raise money for the many needs of the hospitals and outpatient clinics and services. Since the first Guild was organized in 1962, these dedicated volunteers have raised over $28 million for CHOC.

The purpose of the Guilds is to raise the community’s awareness of CHOC Children’s and CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo as well as to raise much needed funds in support of CHOC’s mission to nurture, advance and protect the health and well-being of children.

The Guilds raise money in a variety of ways and have been active in community events since their formation including the annual CHOC/Disneyland Resort Walk. In addition, Guilds organize fund-raising events such as fashion shows, golf tournaments, dinner dances, home tours, boutiques, theme parties and other special events that appeal to their membership and constituencies.

Those interested in becoming a member of a Guild, contact Lois Augustine at 714.509.4140, or email Click here to find a guild in your area.

Our guilds exist to acquaint the community with the mission and needs of CHOC Children’s and to support the Hospital through service and fundraising.

The CHOC Glass Slipper Guild is a dedicated and passionate group of local women from coastal orange county who work together to support CHOC Children’s by raising awareness, and funds, in their community. Through events like their annual Gala, they are able to engage their local community to raise money for the hospital’s greatest needs. This video, from the 2014 CHOC Children’s Glass Slipper Guild Gala, highlights this stunning event at the Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Beach.

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The Glass Slipper Guild was established in 1994 after 10 years as the Cinderella Guild Juniors. The purpose of the guild is to acquaint the community with the mission of CHOC Children’s and support the many needs of the Hospital through fundraising efforts. Made up of a passionate and dedicated group of women between the ages of 25 and 45 who live in coastal Orange County the Glass Slipper Guild has currently pledge $1 million to build a 6,400 square foot Post Anesthesia Care Unit in the new CHOC Patient Tower. Each year the guild holds an annual Gala, which is the guild’s major fundraiser. Additionally, the guild participates in a variety of social and volunteer events throughout the year, while also supporting CHOC Children’s community and all-guild fundraisers such as the CHOC Walk at Disneyland.


Membership: Yassi Berkus – or Elaine Bowie –

Chartered in 1962, the women of Jack & Jill Guild love spending time together and meet often for socials, with significant others and friends, as well as lunching together after meetings.

Jack & Jill Guild also has a special group of young women, 6, 7 & 8th grade grils, the CHOCettes, who participate with their mothers in all of the guilds events, as well as their own spring fashion show. The CHOCettes also meet monthly to make favors for CHOC patients’ lunch trays. What a great group of young philanthropists!



Chartered in 1962, the Lamp Lighter Guild serves the areas of Garden Grove, Westminster, and Stanton. Annual events include the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival, Spring fundraiser, and the CHOC Walk.


Membership: Andrea Perez –

Chartered in 1963, the Little Mermaid Guild has been serving the areas of Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley. The women of this Guild participate in many activities together, some of which include teas, wine & cheese parties, and socials in members’ homes. Their motto is to Get Involved and Make Friends!


Membership: Judi Van Houten 714 401-4254,

The Littlest Angel Guild is a welcoming multigenerational group of women dedicated to children and our community. The Guild hosts fund raising events and social activities that have raised over $5 million to support CHOC since 1965.


Membership: Ann Hart – or Mary Ann Russell –

Chartered in 1969, the Los Ninos Guild has been serving the areas of San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Niguel and Dana Point. The women enjoy each others company, through activities which include: bridge, golf, a special Christmas luncheon a See’s Candy Drive, a popular Spring Bingo event social lunches each month following the General meeting. Members are kept informed through a monthly newsletter.


Membership: Nan Quinn –

Chartered in 1970, the women of Mad Hatter Guild share many common interests, including Bridge, horses, and wine tasting. They are a very casual and diverse group and participate in a wide range of activities that appeal to families both with and without children.


Membership: Suzie Dominguez –

Chartered in 1962, the Mother Goose Guild was the first Guild established before the hospital was completed. For over 50 years, the members have enjoyed putting on their annual Christmas Tree Brunch. They like spending time with each other, supporting one another through life’s challenges and working together for a great cause!


Membership: Cindy Paladino –

Chartered in 1962, the women of Queen of Hearts enjoy wine tastings and creating their cook book together, as well as a holiday ornament exchange and a summer social with spouses.


Membership: Lauriann Meyer –

Chartered in 1970, the Small World Guild is a casual and diverse group of women of all ages. They enjoy raising money and providing services for the many needs of CHOC Children’s. They share a monthly guild newsletter and enjoy social gatherings during the year.


Membership: Pat Adams @ or Lori Rosenberg @

Chartered in 2003, the Tinkerbell Guild serves the area of Ladera Ranch, Aliso Viejo, Trabuco and other surrounding areas. The women of Tinkerbell Guild participate in many activities together, some of which include: couple’s socials, Christmas card parties, craft fairs, and activities with kids.


Membership: Rosemarie Singh –

CHOC Guilds Stories

Glass Slipper Guild member Bev Kavanagh often listened to mothers give testimonials about the care their children had received at CHOC Children’s—never thinking she’d become one of them.

Marnie Sugden first heard about the Guilds of CHOC during one of her daughter’s regular appointments at the hospital. To Marnie, it sounded like a great way to give back. she joined in 2008 and quickly went to work.

Glass Slipper Guild member Kara's life took a turn when her son, Carter, was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer called hepatoblastoma. Today he is cancer free, thanks to CHOC.

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