Visiting Seacrest Studios at CHOC Hospital

This short video will describe what you and your child can do in Seacrest Studios during your child’s stay at CHOC Hospital.

Seacrest Studios gives you and your child the chance to explore radio, television and new media technology while at CHOC.

Seacrest Studios is located on the second floor of The Bill Holmes Tower, across from the Gift Shop and Turtle Talk.

You and your child are always welcome to come inside Seacrest Studios and see what’s happening.

When you arrive at the studios, you and your child will meet the media programs coordinator or interns from local universities.

You will see cameras, microphones, and other professional broadcasting equipment.

Your child can be on television or radio, help co-host shows, or have their own show. You can also just hang out and watch shows being created.

When your child is ready to have a hands-on experience, the team can give them activities that meet their comfort level.