Top Sports Nutritional Concerns Seen in an Adolescent Practice

In this CHOC grand rounds video, Dr. Chris Koutures, pediatrician and sports medicine specialist, addresses common nutritional concerns shared by pediatricians treating school-aged athletes, dancers and other performers.  Dr. Koutures’ goal is to empower pediatric providers to proactively identify at-risk patients and provide, with confidence, practical, food-based recommendations that will enhance the relationship between physician and patient.

“Too many times, I hear pediatric colleagues lament their lack of sports medicine knowledge.  After this talk, I think they will have greater confidence in using their already outstanding anticipatory guidance and general medical knowledge to address often unmet patient needs,” explains Dr. Koutures.

Information provided will be helpful for pre-participation and well-child visits, discussions after injuries and counseling patients who have been identified with anemia, dysmenorrhea/amenorrhea, fatigue, and underperformance. In addition to providing evidence-based case studies that address and/or counter sports nutrition myths, Dr. Koutures provides community and web-based resources.