Support programs and services – Help Me Grow NICU Video

This video provides an overview of NICU support programs and services.

“Support programs and services” Transcript

Welcome and thank you for your interest and help me grow.

Help me grow can help you find programs and services to support your child and family if you are concerned about your child’s development behavior or learning, help me grow can find resources to help. We will ensure the resources a good fit for your family’s needs. This includes the resources, location, hours and cost, or if it is covered by insurance. As you leave the hospital, services will be in place for your child. Your care team supports your child’s medical and developmental concerns. We can help with questions about your other Children, including behavioral changes, their questions about the new baby or a need for at home activities. We can also help you meet basic needs to support your family. After you leave the hospital, we can help you find childcare or a support group or get connected to another parent.

If you would like to participate in a developmental screening program, you can sign up when your baby is two months old. If you have questions at home about your child’s growth, developmental milestones, parenting or the Regional center of Orange County, we can help with that too.

Please call our toll free number for more information. Our care coordinators are available Monday through Friday 8:30a.m. To 5:00p.m. to help.

While help me grow services are free, we cannot guarantee the resources we provide you are also free. Please know we try to find free or the least expensive options to fit your needs. We can support you in your home language.

Thank you again for your interest in help me grow.