Settling into the NICU at CHOC Hospital

This short video will describe what you can expect when getting settled into the neonatal intensive care unit or NICU at CHOC Hospital.

At the NICU entrance, you will press a doorbell to have the door opened and be taken to your baby’s bedside.

Your baby’s nurse will update you on their condition and explain what is being done to comfort and care for your baby.

Please share any information you think might make your newborn more comfortable.

A neonatologist is a doctor who specializes in the care of newborn infants with fragile medical needs. They will update you on your baby’s health, so you can begin to collaborate on the best medical plan for your baby.

Once your baby has been stabilized, you will meet with our admitting team to fill out paperwork and receive your parent/guardian wrist band.

The number on this band links you to your baby and you will need to keep this wrist band on throughout your baby’s stay.

Provide the wrist band number anytime you call the unit for an update on your baby. This protects the safety and confidentiality of your baby’s health information.