Parking at CHOC in Orange

This short video will describe where to park at CHOC Hospital in Orange or the CHOC Clinic building.

The parking garage has two entrances.

One entrance is behind the hospital, on Providence Avenue.

The other entrance is off the main hospital driveway, accessed from Pepper Street. Go this way if you have a disabled parking permit.

If you have an oversized vehicle, please speak first with a parking staff member.

Take a ticket from the kiosk. Parking fees are posted on a sign.

People who have lost their parking ticket will pay the maximum daily fee of $9.

Requests for parking fee waivers are also available. Speak to a customer service staff member, case manager or social worker for more information.

Proceed into the garage and park on floors three or higher. Disabled parking is available on the first floor.

After parking, bring your parking ticket with you. It can be validated for a reduced parking cost.

When leaving after self-parking, follow the garage signs to the exit on Providence Avenue.

An employee in the parking booth will take your ticket and tell you your charge. CHOC accepts cash and credit cards for payment.

To use valet services, enter the driveway on Pepper Street and pull up to a station outside the hospital entrance.

Valet is open 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. It costs $8 per car. A reduced rate is available for some visits.

An employee will take your keys and give you a ticket. Keep this ticket.

When leaving, give the parking employee your ticket and payment. An employee will retrieve your car.

To leave, continue through the driveway and exit onto West La Veta Avenue.