Frequently Asked Questions

We understand it can be overwhelming for parents when their child is admitted to a feeding program. Families are bound to have many questions, so the CHOC Feeding Program team developed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I know if my child is a good candidate for the Feeding Program?

Our program has an eligibility and evaluation process for the inpatient feeding program.

Does my insurance cover the program?

All insurance plans are different. An authorization from your insurance will be obtained prior to receiving services. Our team will help assist with this process.

Do you have financial assistance or sponsorship for the program?

At this time, there are no opportunities for financial assistance or sponsorship.

How long is the inpatient program?

The CHOC Feeding Program is 19 days.

Do I stay with my child during the admission?

Yes. We require a parent/legal guardian to stay with your child throughout the program as you are an essential part of the learning process to support your child’s feeding.

Can both parents participate in the program?

Yes. One parent/legal guardian will be identified as the primary feeder and must participate in all feeding sessions throughout admission. The second parent/caregiver (secondary feeder) can observe feeding sessions remotely or in person and will be integrated into feeding sessions later during the admission.

How do I enroll my child in the Feeding Program?

Please check our eligibility and evaluation process for information regarding admission into the CHOC Feeding Program.

Can the Inpatient Feeding Program be done through telehealth?

No. Some consultations may be completed via telehealth. However, the Inpatient Feeding Program requires in-person participation.

What is the follow-up plan when we leave the Inpatient Feeding Program?

Following discharge from the inpatient feeding program, children typically return to outpatient feeding therapy with the therapist they worked with prior to their stay at CHOC. You can learn more about the follow-up plan in the Feeding Program overview.

How long is the waitlist for the program?

Admissions are determined based on patient and family readiness.

Do you accept families who live out of state and internationally?


What does a typical day look like in the program?

Upon admission into the program, team members will advise you of all weekly and daily routines and goals.

Will food be provided for my child?

Yes, food will be provided for your child for the entire admission through our hospital’s room service.

Will food be provided for the parents during admission?

A limited number of vouchers will be provided to assist with the cost of meals, however parents are responsible for the rest of their meals throughout the admission. There are two cafeterias on the campus as well as a small refrigerator to store food brought in from home. A team member will go over rules with using the mini fridge in your room prior to admission. Food delivery from outside vendors is permitted.

Will I qualify for a leave of absence from my work while participating in the feeding program?

Yes, you are able to apply for FMLA and any other LOA from work. A letter can be provided, if needed.

How can my spouse/secondary feeder learn about feeding my child if they can’t come in person?

We use technology to provide live view of feeding sessions along with consultations, if needed.

Will my child be able to continue other therapies (i.e., ABA, PT/OT) while in the Feeding Program?

No. Given the intensive nature of the Feeding Program, our primary focus is feeding.

What airport would I fly into to visit CHOC?

The nearest airport to CHOC is John Wayne Airport, Orange County, which is approximately 20 minutes away from the hospital. LAX is the nearest major international airport and is approximately 45 minutes from CHOC.

Where do I go for clinic appointments/evaluations?

CHOC families check in at the Bill Holmes Tower entrance located on Pepper Street (near the intersection of Pepper and La Veta). You can visit this page for more information.

What activities are available to us between feeding sessions?

Our child life team ensures there are activities for children to participate in during their stay. There are also various entertainment areas, playrooms, and an outdoor space for children to utilize, however these areas are not always guaranteed to be opened throughout your stay. A member of the Feeding Program will provide you with more information on available activities before your admission.