Guidelines and Application for Playroom Visitors and Special Guests

Thank you for your interest in visiting CHOC Hospital. We appreciate your willingness to donate your time and services for the benefit of the children here at the hospital. The following guidelines apply to all entertainment individuals, groups, and special visitors and have been developed to offer our patients the most enjoyment while meeting important clinical, safety, and infection control policies. They will help you and the patients and families have a positive, memorable visit.

Applications must be received at least one month in advance prior to the date you wish to visit. Please understand that all requested dates and times are not guaranteed.

Visits are scheduled Tuesday through Thursday either from 10 a.m.- 12 p.m. or 2 p.m. -4 p.m. (playroom hours). All requests must meet the guidelines listed below. Our child life department will work diligently to accommodate your request.

Consideration will be given to events that are:

  • Highly entertaining and educational
  • Unique (we can only accommodate so many similar acts)
  • Appropriate for all ages (primarily ages 2-16 years)
  • Physically and emotionally safe (non-threatening, non-violent, etc.)
  • Appropriate for the conditions of the patients (i.e., small groups, not too loud)


Visiting groups may not exceed nine participants. We do not want to overwhelm the patient and families, as this is a positive experience for all involved. Visitors must be accompanied by a CHOC associate at all times.

  • All visitors need to be at least 18 years of age when visiting inpatient units.
  • Any visitor having recent contact or exposure to a communicable disease or any person who is currently ill is not permitted to visit.
  • Attire must be appropriate for all ages to reflect the dress code of CHOC. The following dress code is required: no open toed shoes, no T-shirts with inappropriate slogans, no short skirts, no tank tops, and/or low cut tops. All tattoos must be covered with clothing.
  • No food or donation is to be distributed to patients without prior approval from the child life department. Due to special diets for patients, food donations are discouraged.
  • Gifts presented to the patients should be appropriate for children of all ages, religious, political and social backgrounds. Entertainers/visitors bringing gifts for the patients must supply enough for the anticipated number of children participating which will be determined by census (usually a minimum of 75 children).
  • Limit your donations to items that represent your group. Kids really appreciate pictures, posters or group memorabilia. If you are looking to do a craft project in the playrooms, the suggestions are listed on the following page.
  • No plants or animals are permitted in the hospital, unless currently part of our pet therapy program.
  • Patients are not always feeling well during events/visits. Please do not be discouraged by the number of patients you see. The number of children who could be seen can range from 1-20, depending upon the day.
  • No activities may include latex balloons, fire, candles, sharp objects or any other unsafe or potentially harmful materials.
  • No electrical equipment is allowed inside the hospital building without prior approval from plant operations.
  • To protect the privacy of our patients and their families, and limit negative distractions, filming (still photos and video) is highly discouraged.
  • No filming will be permitted for first-time visitors.
  • At the discretion of the child life and public relations departments, a limited number of filming requests—from established partners—may occasionally be considered each year. Note, however, the following requirements must be met: minimum three-weeks advanced notice, unedited and signed location agreement and certificate of insurance. Additionally, no one (patients, families, visitors and staff) can be filmed without signed consent, which can’t be guaranteed at the time of filming request.
  • Due to patient confidentiality, visitors are to refrain from asking patients/families questions. Patients’ diagnoses and histories are confidential, and therefore will not be disclosed.
  • The child life department reserves the right to cancel or discontinue special programs at any time if they are thought to be inappropriate or unsafe for the patients.

Craft Ideas and Suggestions:

Child life looks for ways to get patients and families out of their rooms and interacting with others through small hospital events. Corporations or groups can create their own events or sponsor events.

** Each event is limited to nine people per event. Depending upon the size of the group, you will be split between our playrooms for a fun activity.
** Please plan on bringing 75 items for our patients and their siblings.

Sponsor a Playroom Activity (bring the necessary supplies and activities needed to create a unique event for our patients):

  • Lego day (bring in legos and build)
  • Build-A-Bear
  • Bead making day
  • Scrapbooking projects (stickers, scrapbook paper, glitter pens, etc.)
  • Craft activity (crafts can be purchased at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)- wooden crafts, picture frames, canvases, etc.

Sponsor a monthly Event:

  • Family night: Provide dinner for CHOC patients and  families (typically 100 people) and have fun with arts and crafts, games, and face painting.
  • Mom’s night: provide dinner or dessert and a movie! This allows our moms to have a few minutes to relax.
  • Teen night: movies, light dinner, activities
  • Cooking class: Teach patients to cook a new recipe! Typically about five patients attend each session.

Sponsor a Specific Holiday/Event:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Carnival
  • CHOC Oncology Ball presented by The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
  • Festival of Life (celebrating cancer survivor’s)
  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Back to School
  • Thanksgiving Festival
  • Holiday Toy Store

These guidelines were established to maintain a calm, enriched, and healing environment for our patients as well as the safety, privacy and well-being of the families. If your organization meets these guidelines please feel free to complete and submit an application for review. Download application.

Parking and Information

Please park in the garage next to the entrance of CHOC’s main hospital building. We will validate your parking ticket. Please remember to bring it with you when you enter the hospital. If you would like more information about our special events program, please call us at 714-509-7809.