From SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio – The dangers of window falls

Amy Waunch, trauma program manager at CHOC Children’s, appeared on SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio to discuss the dangers of window falls and offered tips on what parents can do to protect their children, including:

• Do not place furniture directly under or near a window
• Do not allow your children to jump on furniture, especially near a window
• Do not rely on a window screen to keep a child in; screens are meant to keep bugs out
• Do not open a window more than four inches
• Get down to a child’s level and assess safety hazards in the home

Waunch also discussed what to do if you see that a child has fallen out of a window. Her advice included:

• If you see that a child has fallen out of a window and is lying on the ground not moving, do not move them. Call 911 and wait for emergency medical responders.
• Seek medical attention in an emergency department after a window fall, even if your child appears to have no injuries.