Fallout From Infections Continues For Orange County Dental Clinic

From CBS Los Angeles

ANAHEIM (CBSLA.com) — The latest lawsuit against Children’s Dental Group of Anaheim has just been filed on behalf of 3-year-old Maagid Odeh. The boy had much of his jaw removed after being diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection.

Doctors at Children’s Hospital of Orange County put a titanium jaw in place of bone after Maagid became sick after treatment at the dental clinic.

The boy received ten pulpotomies, also known as baby root canals and two fillings in one day, according to the lawsuit.

Doctors say when the boy is 6-years-old they will attempt to take a piece of his hip to make an actual jaw bone.

“Is he going to spend the rest of his life eating soup? eating soft food?” his uncle wondered.

The county closed the dental office late last year when the clinic’s water system tested positive a second time for bacteria.

According to officials, hundreds of kids may have been exposed and they say Maagid’s case is one of the worst.

Alexander Napolin is the lawyer for several sick patients. About 100 suits have been or will be filed.

“Certainly from reviewing the records this is the most catastrophic,” Napolin said. “In terms of how many procedures and surgeries he’s had and in terms of the life-long consequences.”

The toddler is missing all but a few bottom teeth lymph nodes had to be removed. His mother and uncle say he spent a month in the hospital critically ill and that the strong antibiotics he must get through this tube in his veins could affect his hearing.