CHOC Nurses Further Knowledge of Metabolic Disorders

CHOC Children’s nurses furthered their knowledge of metabolic disorders during a recent educational conference designed to lead to improved care of patients with such conditions.

“The ABCs of Nursing Care of Metabolic Disorders” provided more than two dozen CHOC nurses with information about various conditions, as well as insight into the plights of families of patients with metabolic disorders.

This course is the first step to a new initiative aimed to identify a selected group of nurses who will receive specialized training in the care of metabolic patients. Nurses from the Julia and George Argyros Emergency Department and pediatric intensive care unit, and nurses charged with the care of short-term patients and those with neurological conditions, attended the lectures May 3.

“This course helped CHOC nurses deepen their understanding of metabolic conditions, as well as the experiences of patients with metabolic disorders and their families,” says Dr. Jose Abdenur, division chief of metabolic disorders at CHOC. “This educational session underscored CHOC’s commitment to ongoing education for staff, and its commitment to clinical excellence.”

The daylong course comprised nine informational sessions, beginning with an introduction to metabolic disorders and principles of care for such conditions. The day also included sessions covering specifics such as urea cycle defects, organic acidemias, fatty oxidation defects, genetic counseling and dietary principles.

The conference was made possible by a donation from the Fry Family Foundation, headed by Stephen and Cynthia Fry of Newport Beach. The couple’s granddaughter, Charlotte, was diagnosed almost four years ago with a rare metabolic disorder.

Charlotte and her parents, Lance and Lindsay Jordan, as well as Lamia Gabal Shehab, whose daughter Laila also has a metabolic disorder, spoke to conference attendees during segments dedicated to offering the perspective of parents and families of children with specific metabolic disorders.

CHOC’s metabolic disorders division is one of the largest of its kind in California, treating children with rare and complicated conditions that can affect patients throughout their entire lives. The division’s protocols and research are built upon the latest findings in the field through a collaborative approach that combines CHOC’s expertise with that of experts nationwide.

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