Mental Health Newsletter Archive

Mental Health Update newsletter is intended to share news and information about the need for pediatric mental health services in Orange County and CHOC’s role in meeting those needs.


  • October 2022
    Tips to help kids deal with bullying. Plus, Talk about bullying | CHOC’s guide to bullying | Calm kids nerves about Halloween | Easing Halloween fear and anxiety as a parent
  • September 2022
    How to spot signs of anxiety in children. Plus, Warning signs of depression and suicidal thoughts | Protecting kids from overdose | Helping kids struggling with Halloween and anxiety
  • August 2022
    Combating “school refusal” behavior. Plus, creating positive school routines | Strategies for calming down | Joy’s mental health journey | Mental health in American youth
  • July 2022
    Tips for supporting your child’s mental health during their transition back to school. Plus, Joy’s mental health story | How meditation can change the brain | CHOC guided meditation videos | For teens: managing mental health
  • June 2022
    Learn mental health risk factors of LGBTQ+ children. Plus, How lockdown drills affect kids | Overcoming mental health stigma | Stress coping techniques | Building mental health hygiene
  • May 2022
    Learn about high functioning depression and anxiety | Understanding cultural stigmas on mental health | Mental health resource guides Plus, Benefits of early mental health screenings | Anxiety from negative thoughts | Physical symptoms of anxiety
  • April 2022
    Why youth resort to substance and drug use and how parents can help. Plus, Help Kids to Process Feelings | Outdoor Activities for Mental Health | Identify Stress in Kids | Virtual Mental Health Events
  • March 2022
    Tips for Talking to Children About War. Plus, How Storytelling Supports Mental Health | Storytelling Activities | Hugs Can Support Wellness | Helping Kids Reframe Anxiety
  • February 2022
    Tips for Managing Anxiety About Omicron. Plus, Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder | How to Help Someone With an Eating Disorder | CHOC’s Anxiety Relief Video Series
  • January 2022
    Tips for a Happy, Healthy New Year. Plus, Social Emotional Learning | Helping Kids Feel Connected at School | What Parents Should Know About ADHD | Mental Health Education


  • December 2021
    Surgeon General Emergency Advisory on Youth Mental Health. Plus, Identify Anxiety & Depression in Kids | When to Seek Professional Help | Holiday Guide for Eating Disorders | 2022 Resolutions
  • November 2021
    Avoiding Holiday Stress: Tips for Children and Caretakers. Plus, A Guide for Practicing Gratitude | Mental Health Added to CDC High-Risk COVID List | CHOC’s Mental Health Education Program
  • October 2021
    New Report Shows Facebook is Aware of Instagram’s Harmful Effect on Teenage Girls. Plus, National Eating Disorder Association Resources | Social Media & Friendships | CHOC’s Virtual Mental Health Education Program
  • September 2021
    California Recognizes Mental Health Absences from School. Plus, Phrases to Calm Anxiety | Podcasts to Help Prioritize Mental Health | FREE Virtual Mental Health Education Sessions by CHOC
  • August 2021
    Managing Anxiety Around Back-To-School. Plus, Helpful Books for Kids | Parent Guides for Transition Success | Anxiety Relief Video Series | Dealing with Learning Loss
  • July 2021
    Waiting for Mental Health Treatment: A 17-Day Saga. Plus, School WellSpace Centers Program | Helping Children Deal with Grief | Becoming More ACEs Aware | Check-In Challenge Success
  • June 2021
    LGBTQ+ Youth and Suicide: Who is at Risk and Why. Plus, Identifying Youth at Risk of Suicide | Risk Factors for Elevated Anxiety in Young Adults | 6 Major Types of Anxiety Disorders
  • May 2021
    Mental Health Awareness Month: CHOC Check-In Challenge. Plus, How Loss Led a Psychologist to Suicide Prevention | Ending Mental Health Stigma | Helping Children Cope with Mass Violence
  • April 2021
    CHOC Mental Health Awareness Month Art & Word Contest. Plus, College students experiencing increased depression and anxiety | How to talk to teens struggling with mental health | Who is Gen C?
  • March 2021
    Five ways to manage kids’ anxiety about school. Plus, Impact of COVID-19 on LGBTQ youth | The pandemic may increase kids’ suicide risk | Balancing Adverse Childhood Experiences with Hope
  • February 2021
    Nearly half of California youth report mental health struggles. Plus, 9 ways to help a child who has suicidal thoughts | Mental health podcast with Dr. Heather Huszti | Youth dying by intentional overdose
  • January 2021
    Understanding the grief of 2020. Plus, Positive media distractions | Teen’s body image impact on their mental health | Do masks hide emotions


  • December 2020
    6 ways to help children with COVID-19 burnout. Plus, Mental health tips during the pandemic | Comic to help address COVID-19 worries | Guided imagery to relax
  • November 2020
    4 ways to help kids cope with social isolation. Plus, 7 tips for managing children’s anxiety | Pandemic’s impact on young adults’ mental health | Suicide prevention resource for parents
  • October 2020
    Orange County to create suicide prevention office. Plus, CHOC partners with Mater Dei to enhance wellness on campus | Stress-busting tips for kids | Mental health toolkit for children
  • September 2020
    Six ways COVID-19 may be impacting your child’s mental health. Plus, Tips to help return to virtual school | Pet loss triggers mental health issues | Supporting children’s emotional safety
  • August 2020
    Steps to Reduce Depression. Plus, LGBTQ Youth Suicide | Mental Health Toolkit | 6 Ways to End Mental Health Stigma | The Pandemic’s Impact on Mental Health
  • July 2020
    5 Tips for Reducing Children’s Fears About Doctors’ Visits During COVID-19. Plus, Teens’ poor sleep linked to mental health problems | Reading list promoting character development | Mental Health Community Resources
  • June 2020
    How to talk to kids about racism. Plus, Long-term mental health effects of social distancing | Guided imagery for kids | 6 tips for coping with uncertain times
  • May 2020
    How to use a penny to teach mindfulness to kids. Plus, Tips to help teens comply with stay-at-home orders | 7 ways to talk about disappointment | Teaching family values in times of crises
  • April 2020
    How parents can deal with COVID-19 stress. Plus, Ways to reduce COVID-19 anxiety in kids | Teach kids to be resilient | Free mental health resources
  • March 2020
    Tips to help kids cope with anxiety about coronavirus. Plus, How family dynamics impact suicidal thoughts | An important skill parents should instill in kids | Ocean Institute experience at CHOC
  • February 2020
    CHOC’s chief psychologist invited to state of the union. Plus, 5 ways to help kids cope with grief | High school athletes at increased risk for suicide | Most popular sport highlights mental health
  • January 2020
    Could you recognize depression in your child? Plus, 3 ways to help your stressed-out teen | Normalizing the mental health hospital experience | Warning signs of problematic online habits


    • December 2019
      CHOC expands mental health services with transformational gift. Plus, Childhood trauma and personality disorder | Early intervention for adolescents with psychosis | The story of two friends’ journey
    • November 2019
      Orange County sees spike in pediatric mental health hospitalizations. Plus, mental health prep for college-bound kids | The impact of sibling bullying | 3 ways childhood trauma impacts adulthood
    • October 2019
      Could you spot these social media red flags? Plus, Air pollution linked to mental health problems | Addressing bullying | Harmful hazing | Helping kids after traumatic events
    • September 2019
      How to deal with bullies: tips from teens. Plus, Remedies for back-to-school anxiety | Teaching kids to be independent | The impact of racism on kids’ health
    • August 2019
      Does your child suffer from anxiety? Plus, How to raise kind kids | New law permits “mental health days” for students | Hispanics mental health crisis
    • July 2019
      Tips for enjoying an unplugged family vacation. Plus, Are Americans getting angrier | Latest suicide stats | 4 ways to become digital mentors | 3 things to help your kids be ad savvy
    • June 2019
      Suicide rates on the rise for young girls. Plus, Cookie Monster teaches self-regulation | Signs your child is struggling with anxiety | 5 practices for boosting emotional well-being
    • May 2019
      Easy tips for calming anxiety. Plus, Warning signs of suicidal behavior | The impact of childhood trauma | Benefits of team sports and much more!
    • April 2019
      Orange County funds suicide-prevention program. Plus, Helping teens face college rejections | Weathering emotional storms | Supporting kids after a tragedy | Coping with depression
    • March 2019
      Teens say depression is bigger problem than drugs. Plus, New hope for cyberbullying victims | Surviving teen years | Books to help your child’s anxiety | Steps to muscle relaxation benefits
    • February 2019
      Tips for preparing your teen for a healthy relationship. Plus, Depression among girls | Encouraging self-acceptance | Ways to engage in positive self-talk
    • January 2019
      How your family can make – and keep – new year’s resolutions. Plus, Increase in gun related suicides | Is social media a cause for concern? | How to help your teen quit vaping