Outside Fundraisers Guidelines and Toolkit

Thank you for choosing us and for your interest in raising funds to benefit CHOC Children’s! Outside Fundraisers play a special role in community philanthropy at CHOC. Funds raised by these events directly impact the services that CHOC provides to children and their families in our community.

Outside Fundraisers have been instrumental in our ability to raise support and awareness in the community. Fundraisers are those activities through which another organization, group, or individual offers to hold a fundraising event for the benefit of CHOC Children’s. If you have decided to raise funds for CHOC, please be sure to read the Outside Fundraisers Policy carefully. After you have read the policy, please complete and submit the Outside Fundraisers Application to fundraising@chocchildrens.org. Within three days, the CHOC Children’s Foundation Office will be in touch to discuss your Outside Fundraiser.

Should you need more information, or you would like to contact the Foundation about your event plans, please email fundraising@chocchildrens.org or call our office at 714-509-8690.

How We Can Help!

The CHOC Foundation will gladly take into account and consider any request for support or having a Foundation member at your event to speak, but cannot guarantee our availability. As we have limited resources, we are unable to provide staff/volunteers for most independent events, and unfortunately, we are also unable to purchase tables and/or tickets.

We are available to answer any questions that this guide hasn’t covered while you are planning your event.

We are happy to promote your event on our Outside Fundraiser page, through our social media before and after the event date – like us on Facebook and keep an eye open for your event!

Outside Fundraisers Tips and Ideas

CHOC Children’s is so thankful for community members like you who are interested in helping fundraise for the hospital! We’d like to provide you with some fundraising tips to consider before taking the plunge to organize an event:

  • Fundraiser events range in size, involvement, interest, and time availability. Be sure to consider your own time and resources that you can contribute to the event.
  • Be sure you’ve got an interested audience to attend your event and to donate. Choosing an event that you know will interest your friends and/or community will prove to be more successful.
  • Get some help from your family, friends, and community. Two heads are better than one! Form a committee to help you plan and execute your event so you are not overwhelmed by the details and logistics.
  • Have a strategy to spread the word and market your event. Determine a social media strategy. In order to have a successful fundraiser event, you need to make sure people are aware of what you’re doing and the reason you are doing the fundraiser. Once your event, flyers, website and/or social media is approved, tell everyone you know!
  • If you are planning a large fundraiser, get some sponsorship. Sponsorships are great to pay for you event!
  • Yard Sale – Declutter your home and raise money for CHOC. Hold a yard sale to pass your treasures on to others, and donate the proceeds to CHOC. Chat with your neighbors, maybe they’ll be interested in a Block Sale to benefit CHOC.
  • Bake Sale – Bake some goodies made with love and sell them at your child’s next sporting or performance event. Your treats will fill people’s bellies while the proceeds benefit CHOC.
  • Recycling Event – Invite family, friends, and your community to recycle, and donate proceeds to CHOC.
  • Birthday/Anniversary Gifts – Encourage your birthday or anniversary party guests to bring a donation for CHOC, in lieu of a traditional wrapped gift to you.
  • Runs/Walks/Marathons – Ask friends to support you for each mile you run/walk! Running and walking is good for your health, and the donation to CHOC is good for the children’s health.
  • Dinner Parties – Host a dinner party for your friends, and ask them to make a donation to CHOC for the amount they would have spent on a night out. You’ll enjoy each other’s company, and enjoy making a donation to support CHOC Children’s.
  • Car Wash – Get a group of friends together and spend a day washing cars for a good cause. Donate the proceeds to CHOC.
  • Games, Tournaments and Hobbies – Have a game day that you think everyone would enjoy and charge a fee to play. Have golf, soccer, softball, hockey, bongo, chess tournament or your favorite hobby and donate proceeds to CHOC.
  • Be Creative – Think up an event that incorporates your own interests, and turn it into a fundraiser for CHOC! Start Your Own Fundraiser Online – Create a personal page on our CHOC.org website to start your own campaign to make donations in lieu of gifts for a birthday, wedding or just wanting to donate for a cause. Goto https://app.mobilecause.com/join/choc/CHOC to get started.

Upcoming Outside Fundraisers – 2018

3rd Annual High 5 Event

Join Extraordinary Lives Foundation for their 3rd Annual High 5 Event in support of Mental Health and Wellness. This fun day includes free entry and will feature music, carnival games and fun inflatables to encourage elementary and middle school children to attend with their families. There will also be raffle prizes and a silent auction along with the information booths to benefit CHOC Children’s Mental Health. For more information go to www.el.foundation.
Date: May 21, 2018
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Location: Dana Hills High School, 33333 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, CA 92629
Contact: mara22elf@gmail.com

A Full Heart Soccer Fest 2018

Join A Full Heart for a soccer tournament to benefit CHOC Children’s Nutritional Department. For more information and/or registration click here.
Date: August 11-12, 2018
Location: Marina High School, 15871 Springdale St, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Contact: nicole@afullheart.org

Uncle Eddy’s Lasagna Dinner Show

Join the theatrical performance for a lot of fun and laughter to benefit CHOC Children’s Hospital. For more information and/or registration click here.
Date: November 2, 2018
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Laguna Hills Community Center, 25555 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Hills, CA
Contact: jeffdarcy@icloud.com

Outside Fundraisers Policy Guidelines

Before you dive into your Outside Fundraiser for CHOC Children’s, the CHOC Children’s Foundation Office will need to review the details of your event. The following guidelines will help guide you in planning your event, and prepare you for the requirements of CHOC Children’s for Outside Fundraisers.

CHOC Children’s Foundation can assist with your event in accordance with the Foundation policy, as follows:

CHOC Children’s Foundation cannot do the following:

Other Ways to Get Involved

Want to get involved and support CHOC Children’s, but aren’t sure you want to take on a fundraiser event yourself? Here are some options you can explore to get connected to CHOC:

Join a GuildJoin a CHOC Guild – Before CHOC Children’s opened its doors in 1964, community guilds were formed to raise funds to support CHOC, and to spread awareness of CHOC’s mission. The guilds are located in different geographical regions throughout Orange County. The guilds raise money in a variety of ways – fashion shows, home tours, golf tournaments, dinner dances, themed parties, and boutiques. Learn more about the guilds and consider joining!

CHOC Follies – The CHOC Follies is considered one of Orange County’s most popular fund and friend-raising events. With a cast and crew of more than 100 enthusiastic members from our community, this original musical production is guaranteed to keep you laughing! Learn more about the show!

CHOC Walk – The CHOC Walk in the Park is one of our largest fundraiser and attracts over 18,000 “CHOC Walkers,” who joined together in support of CHOC Children’s and the health and well-being of children. Learn more about the CHOC Walk and how you can participate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can decide on a specific area of the hospital that you would like the money to go toward.
The Foundation is unable to accept any financial responsibility or liability for your event, nor are we able to provide any insurance. Event expenses, event insurance and any permits or licenses are the responsibility of the event organizer. Please note that event expenses may not be extracted from any tax receiptable donations that you collect.
We can provide receipts only to people that make a donation via on our online website or if you provide us a spreadsheet of the individual’s information that made a donation only.
Yes. We we can provide you with our logo if you are within the policy guidelines. However, your event must be approved by the Foundation before you are permitted to use the logo.
The Foundation follows strict privacy guidelines to protect the confidentiality of our donor, so we are unable to provide contact lists to anyone.
The Foundation’s fundraising activities are conducted in keeping with our core values and mission. Prospective community events must also be compatible with our values and mission. We do not participate in any event deemed in conflict with our values. This includes door to door solicitations, and activities that could be perceived as being offensive, discriminatory, or detrimental to health and wellbeing.
We thank all community members who raise funds on the Foundation’s behalf, but as we have limited resources, we may not be able to commit a Foundation staff or volunteers for third party events.
If you give us information about your event ahead of time, we can post your event information on our social media channels or on the Outside Fundraiser page. However, we are not able to send a media release or advertise on your behalf.
Call the Foundation at 714-509-7972 when ready to turn in your donation or send via mail to CHOC Foundation, 1201 W. La Veta Blvd, Orange, CA 92868.

Outside Fundraiser Application

If you have a desire to raise funds for CHOC through this type of event, please complete the Outside Fundraiser Application form for your event. Within three days, the CHOC Children’s Foundation Office will be in touch to discuss your benefit.

Thank! Share! Celebrate!

Make sure to thank all your volunteers, share your achievement on social media and celebrate an event well done!

Long Live Childhood

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