CHOC Foundation Awards $1 Million Towards Innovation

Because all children deserve the best care

Funded by CHOC Foundation’s unrestricted giving, One Wish Grants gives CHOC care teams the ability to pioneer new solutions to serve the areas of greatest need in our community.

Your contribution to CHOC’s greatest needs will continue to drive innovative programs for patients and families, just like One Wish Grants’ 2019 awardees.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Seacrest Studio

Creating Childhood Memories for Neuroscience Patients
Purchases wireless monitoring devices that allows neurology patients the mobility to utilize a specialized play space

STEP to Success: Transitioning Pediatric Patients to Adult Care
Develops a readiness tool and education program to assist the transition of pediatric Gastroenterology and Neurology patients to adult care

Youth Mental Health Video Series
Creates a video series in which youth demonstrate coping skills that are helpful during hospitalization and distributes corresponding support kits

Music Therapy Recording Booth
A dedicated space to record high-quality voice and instrumental arrangements to support creativity and provide comfort during difficult procedures

Complex Pain Team: Easing Pain with Virtual Reality
Uses virtual reality technology to treat complex pain patients with the goal to decrease opioid usage and improve patient satisfaction

Elevating Pediatric Care

Nurse-Delivered Aromatherapy: A Pilot Program
Develops a safe and effective aromatherapy program to manage symptoms and improve quality of life for patients of the Outpatient Infusion Center and Post Anesthesia Care Unit

Saving Lives by Improving CPR Quality
Increases CPR quality through better equipped code carts, increased drills, and training of Resuscitation Champions

Expansion of Culinary Medicine Mobile Kitchen
Improves long-term nutritional health through the combination of cooking and medicine through the expansion of demonstrations

Emergency Department Sensory Sensitivity Initiative
Introduces a sensory modulation cart to calm patients in the Emergency Department with aggressive behavior, autism, and other sensory processing disorders

Elevating Pediatric Care

Ground-Breaking Research


Comic Book Inspired Informed Assent for Research
Uses classic comic-book designs to relay complex medical information and improve the research assent process for patients from 7 to 11 years of age

Eradicating Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Identifies markers of gut inflammation to intervene and prevent NEC, to ultimately improve survival of premature neonates

Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Increase Milk Supply in NICU Mothers
Evaluates efficacy of acupuncture to enhance milk production for mothers of NICU babies in a nurse-led research study

CARE: Center for the Advancement of Rare disease Editing therapeutics
Uses a genome-editing approach to study and treat pre-clinical models of rare diseases

There is NADA to it: Moving the Needle on Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
Researches the use of acupuncture to reduce burnout and compassion fatigue with the Emergency Department team

Implementing ICU Diaries to Alleviate Post Intensive Care Syndrome
Provides diaries for ICU patients to reduce anxiety and the emotional stress following ICU admission

Family Centered Care

Helping Parents Feel Comfortable Caring for Their Child at Home
Creates post-surgical instruction videos to increase comfort levels for families caring for their child at home

Family Legal Assistance at CHOC
Partners with attorneys and holds workshops to serve patients and families in need of legal services to receive treatment at CHOC

Oncology Bereavement Group
Supports families in their grief journey with education, mentorship, bereavement support, and grief workshops

A group of pediatric resident physicians and medical students who promote healthy habits and prevent childhood obesity through school-based mentorship and physical activity

Family Centered Care


CHOC Foundation is dedicated to investing in the ingenuity and insights of CHOC associates and physicians. One Wish Grants awards unrestricted funds to outstanding ideas that drive advancement toward CHOC’s strategic goals. With its Board of Directors, the Foundation has partnered with One Heart One Mission associate giving to grant $1 million annually to turn associate wishes into fully functional pilot programs and services.

If you have One Wish for CHOC and would like to apply for a grant, One Wish will resume accepting applications soon.

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